9 Methods To Fix “Unfortunately, Facebook Has Stopped” On Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+/S10e

Have you ever come across an error while using Facebook saying “Unfortunately, Facebook has Stopped” on Android or Samsung phones?

If yes, then it’s not a big issue that cannot be solved. Even such kind of error can occur while using other apps as well.

This kind of error means that Facebook has crashed due to some reason. In fact, the users of Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+/S10e have also reported that they have come across such error on their Galaxy devices. Several times, this is a minor issue that gets solved automatically but the situation can become worse many times.

So in this blog, I will explain you some better ways to fix “Unfortunately, Facebook has stopped” on Samsung phone.

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Reasons why Facebook has stopped on Samsung galaxy phone?

As already mentioned above, the common reason is due to Facebook crashed but apart from this, there are other reasons as well that includes:

  • Facebook files gets corrupt
  • Phone fails to support the new version of the app
  • Several malware attack
  • Accidentally deleting the segment of Facebook files
  • Several others

As now you have come across the causes for the error, now its time to go through the solutions to solve “Unfortunately, Facebook has stopped” error on Samsung Galaxy phone.

Solutions to fix “Unfortunately, Facebook has stopped” error on Samsung Galaxy

Such errors are common to occur and to fix it, you don’t need any technical knowledge to solve it. In fact, the methods that I am going to share with you can be done by yourself as they are easy to follow.

So go through the below methods one by one:

Method 1: Force restart your Galaxy phone

If you have come across this error for the first time, then I would recommend you to force restart your device once. It may happen that due to some system glitches on phone, the error has occurred.

So before going through other methods, simply press and hold Volume Down button along with Power key for at least 10 seconds to restart your device.

Doing this will restart your device but this time with fresh and better service reloaded. Now open Facebook and check if the error still occurs or has resolved.

If not, then move to next method.

Method 2: Update Facebook app

When you get such type of issues on the app then ensure the Facebook app is up to date. Many user disable the feature of automatic update and so the app fails to update the any new version and hence, the error popups.

So you have to update your app manually if not updated by following the below steps:

  • First, open Google Play Store on your Samsung Galaxy phone
  • Now click on Menu icon and then on My apps and games
  • Move down to the list of app and stop where Facebook is
  • Beside Facebook, see if Update option is available, Click on it

Now try to open Facebook and see if the same problem again occurs. If yes, then move to next method.


Method 3: Clear data and cache of Facebook app

While you continue go through the same issue, you should try to clear data and cache of the particular app. Follow the steps below:

  • Click on Settings of your phone and then on More tab
  • Now go to Application Manager > search ALL apps
  • Move down and find Facebook app
  • Click on Facebook app and you will see Clear Cache and Clear Data buttons

  • Click on both the options one by one
  • Doing this will set the app to initial state
  • Now open Facebook and see whether the same error is occurring or it is solved

Method 4: Uninstall Facebook and again reinstall it

When the app is not updated then you can expect such error to occur. Facebook always notify of any update it has but if user has disabled the automatic update for apps then its hard to find whether the app should be updated or not.

Here you have to go manually and check if the app requires any update. So, here it will be better to uninstall the app once and again reinstall it to get rid of the error.


It’s not difficult to this, simply need to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to Settings on your phone and click on Apps
  • Now search Facebook and click on it
  • Here click on force stop and then on Uninstall option
  • Press OK button to confirm
  • Now Reboot your phone
  • After phone is rebooted, go to Google Play Store
  • Search for “Facebook” app
  • Click on it and then tap on Install option

That’s it.

After doing this, now open the app on your Galaxy phone and check if the same error shows up. If you continue to see the same issues then proceed further to check out other methods as well.

Method 5: Force quit Facebook

Severe malware or virus attack can lead to such unexpected error on Galaxy devices. In this situation, simple solution is to Force quit the app. Here is how:

  • First, click on Recent Apps button
  • Then move up or down to check what is running and open
  • Swipe left or right to close the app
  • And then swipe off the screen to close it completely

Now if Facebook is opened then it will close and it will get removed from memory as well

This is also an easy way to solve unfortunately Facebook has stopped on Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+/S10e devices.

Method 6: Clear away cache partition

You also need to remove the device cache to get rid of the issue. Check out the steps:

  • First, switch off your phone
  • Then press and hold Home + Power + volume Up key
  • Now leave Power button when you see logo on phone, but continue pressing Home + Volume Up keys
  • Here you will see Android logo and leave the other buttons
  • Now use the volume keys to highlight wipe cache partition

  • Select it using Power key and choose YES, when it is prompted
  • Wait for some time until the process is finished and when it is done then select “Reboot system now”, by pressing Power button

That’s it…

Method 7: Reset app preferences

The apps on your phone does not work properly when its associated services are disabled. So to ensure all linked apps are running well, you need to reset app preferences.

But doing this will make the following changes:

  • It will reset the default apps
  • The app permissions will return to default
  • It will re-enable all previous disabled apps and services
  • Will turn off all background data restrictions for apps

Now follow the steps below to reset app preferences in Galaxy S10/S10+/S10e

  • First open Settings on your phone and then click on Apps
  • Click on More settings in the upper right
  • You will get Reset app preferences option
  • Click on it and that’s it

Method 8: Reset settings on phone

When the issue is due to some bugs then it can only be fixed by fixing the OS directly without deleting the device. In this situation, you need to reset settings of your phone.

The steps below will help you to proceed further:

  • First, open Settings on your phone and then click on General management
  • Now click on Reset > then Reset Settings
  • Click OK to confirm and restart your device once

Now check whether the problem is resolved or not.

Method 9: Do factory reset

The last option left to get rid of the error is by doing factory reset. This process will help you completely to deal with the situation. But before proceeding further, remember to take a backup of all your data and stuffs in safe place.

Even you can follow the steps below to backup and then do factory reset of your phone.

  • From Home screen, swipe up to open Apps tray
  • Now click on Settings > Cloud and accounts > Backup and restore
  • Now click on the desired setting: Backup my data then Automatic restore
  • Then go to Settings menu
  • Click on General Management > Reset > Factory data reset

  • Now move down and click on Reset > Delete All
  • When popups to verify Samsung account, enter password and click on Confirm button
  • And now wait for some time to finish the reset process

So, all these are some of the best methods to fix “Unfortunately, Facebook has stopped” on Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+/S10e.

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The error “Unfortunately, Facebook has Stopped” on Samsung devices is a common one that usually occurs while accessing the app. It creates an annoying situation when it occurs continuously.

So I have discussed some of the best methods to get rid of such unexpected error on Facebook and hope that following this blog will help you to deal with the situation. But don’t forget to backup all your crucial stuffs from phone beforehand so that you don’t lose any of your important data from Samsung phone.

Further, you can visit our Facebook and Twitter page and if you have, any questions then you can ASK HERE

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