How To Flash Stock ROM Using Fastboot Mode (Best Guide)

In this specific post, we are going to discuss each and everything that you need to know about how to flash Stock ROM using Fastboot mode or Fastboot commands.

So, without much delay, let’s get started…

Essential Things That You Should Know Before Flashing Stock ROM/Firmware

Before knowing how to flash firmware using Fastboot command, it is important to know a few essential things:

  1. First of all, ensure to keep a backup of your important media files that saved within your Android device. As flashing Stock ROM/firmware will erase all the stuff saved on your smartphone.
  2. Also, make sure your mobile is fully charged. During the flashing Stock process, your device might not shut down and it can result in device failure.

How To Flash Stock Rom Using Fastboot Mode?

Let’s move on to flash ROM using Fastboot command by following the easy steps. But ensure to apply the below instructions in the same way.


How To Flash Stock ROM Using Fastboot Mode

Firstly, on your computer, you have to install Android SDK Platform Tools. The Software Development Kit (SDK) is an official ADB & Fastboot binary which is offered by Google.

Hence, all you need to do is to download it & keep it to any suitable place on your computer so that it can be used throughout this blog.


How To Flash Stock ROM Using Fastboot Mode

After that, you need to simply boot your Android to Fastboot mode. There’re two methods to do so, one is by using hardware keys combination and another is via ADB Commands.

However, if your smartphone is working properly, you can do any of these two ways.

In case, if your phone is stuck in a bootloop or soft brick and you are unable to access your operating system, you will need to try the hardware keys combination technique.

So, without much delay, let’s try out both methods.

Way #1: When Your Mobile Is Working Properly

As we have already said, if your phone is working well, you should go with ADB Command process and boot your phone into Fastboot Mode. We are recommending using ADB Command because it is a universal method which works great across all the Android devices.

  • At first, enable the USB Debugging by navigating Settings then About Phone.
  • In the second step, you have to click 7 times on a “Build Number” (In Xiaomi devices, need to click on MIUI Number)

Build number 

  • After this, return to Settings then System >> Advanced.
  • Here will have to find and tap on Developer Options then “Enable the USB Debugging”.


  • Now, move on to platform-tools folder and type CMD in an address bar >> hit Enter. Doing so will open the CMD Prompt.
  • Next, under a CMD window, enter the below command and boot your phone into a Fastboot Mode easily.

adb reboot bootloader

In order to verify a Fastboot connection, you have to enter the beneath command & bring your device ID back.

Fastboot devices

Way #2: When Android Phone Is Stuck In A Bootloop Or Softbrick

Well, if you are unable to access your operating system, you will not need to enable the USB Debugging.

In such a situation, there is no universal solution for this, all you need to do is to follow the below instructions carefully:

  • Initially power off your smartphone. For this, you have to long-press a Power key of your device. This will force a shutdown of your mobile.
  • Once your phone shuts off, you have to press & hold a Power & Volume Up buttons together. This will boot your phone into Fastboot Mode successfully.


Another step includes downloading a Stock firmware. To do so, you can refer to the download page of your device’s software. You must download a Stock firmware from the official website.

Once it is downloaded successfully, extract it from inside a folder where an Android SDK Tools were installed.



PLEASE NOTE: This method will help you to make Fastboot Firmware for your Android device. Also remember, this process might take 30 minutes or more than that.

So, simply follow the below steps and know how to flash Stock ROM using Fastboot mode:

  • At first, some of the OEMs (such as Xiaomi and Pixel) make it easy for the users to add the flash-all.bat document (you can see in the below image).
  • However, if a Stock Firmware or ROM which you’ve extracted is one as well, just double-tap on a file & wait until the process gets finished.
  • At this time, you have to flash a Stock firmware by using the Fastboot Commands.

Stock Firmware or ROM

  • In order to do so, extract each and every content of your Stock ROM that you’ve downloaded in platform-tools folder.
  • Next, connect your Android device (which has been actually booted into a Fastboot command) to the computer with the help of a USB cable.
  • In case, it does not have one, stare for XML files. It might have something besides the lines of the XML, servicefile.xml, or other alike names.
  • But remember, the focus should not be on other names rather than the contents of a specific file (see the next point).

Stock Firmware or ROM

  • Under this regard, an XML file grips a file name, simply type & prominently the partitions of every file which is a part of Stock firmware.
  • We’ll then manually create fastboot commands & therefore flash a Stock firmware using it.

Stock Firmware or ROM

  • Now, let’s understand it through an example. Below we have mentioned two lines from the phone’s XML files (you can see in the below commands):

<step MD5=”ff8711c8eb5c7fd7559bd79d74b1f4d8″ partition=”modem_a” operation=”flash” filename=”modem.bin”/>

<step MD5=”f31b2994072f47907504776a64bcd842″ partition=”vbmeta_a” operation=”flash” filename=”vbmeta.img”/>

  • Here will see ‘a’ alphabet in a partition name. proceeding to the flash commands for the above 2 files will be now:
  • fastboot flash modem_a modem.bin

fastboot flash vbmeta_a vbmeta.img.

  • Similarly, you can create fastboot commands for every Stock firmware file via the below-mentioned syntax:

fastboot flash partition-name file-name-with-extension

  • When you’ve created a fastboot command shortlist, move on towards the platform-tools folder. Then, type CMD in an address bar >> hit Enter to open CMD.
  • Here, you have to copy-paste each and every fastboot command one by one.
  • Though it’s recommended to perform all commands in a same order as stated in XML files, otherwise, it may result in brick issues.
  • When you ‘ve performed every command, type the beneath code in order to boot your Android phone to OS:

fastboot reboot

Now you are done. You’ve flashed Stock firmware/ROM manually using fastboot commands successfully.

Frequently Asked Question:

Can We Flash ROM Without Unlocking Bootloader?

The answer is no, we cannot flash ROM without unlocking bootloader. If you want to flash ROM then you have unlock bootloader by using the Fastboot: fastboot OEM unlock.

What Can I Do In Fastboot Mode?

In Fastboot mode you can do numerous tasks such as installing the Stock files, installing custom files, unlocking your bootloader, flashing the custom recovery, relocking the bootloader, and many more.

How To Fix Android Stuck In Fastboot Mode?

In order to fix Android stuck in Fastboot mode, you have to use the ADB and Fastboot Tools. This tool is developed via Google and is the part of an Android studio. However, if you want to know complete step-by-step, you can visit: How To Fix Android Stuck In Fastboot Mode Issue.

How To Flash Stock Firmware On Realme Phone?

You can flash Stock firmware on Realme phones by using the Realme Flash Tool. This utility is officially manufactured by Realme for Windows & Mac to unbrick or install the Realme OS updates manually. Thus, you can simply use this utility without distressing about the warranty of your device. To Know More: How To Flash Stock Firmware On Realme Phone

To Sum Up

So, now it’s time to end up this tutorial guide…

I hope after going through this complete guide you might have got enough info regarding how to flash Stock ROM using Fastboot mode on any Android device.

All you need to do is to follow the steps mentioned in this post and flash firmware using Fastboot command with ease.

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