How to Recover Deleted Games from Android Phones?

Nowadays, Android phones are used worldwide as this is the most affordable and easiest way to handle any task.

Android phones are the top most selling devices in the market as their OS has brought a new twist. Everyone loved it because it has several features that are just amazing.

Apart from its several features, Android phones are also widely used for playing games. Android has Google Play Store, which contains almost 19+ million apps.

Users download their favorite games from the Play store to play the awaited games. In between, something unexpected can occur anytime on your Android device because it is prone to corruption. And you lose all your games data without any time left to handle the situation.

Now, what to do when such things happen? Users are completely blind as they don’t know what to do and whether the game data they had will be recovered or not?

So how to recover game data on Android?

Don’t worry, this blog will completely help you to restore your lost game data from android device.

Practical scenario

As we know, most of the games general tmp and persistent data on running. My question is that it’s quite easy to mistakenly delete those data when managing the device with apps such as AirDroid. Is there any way to recover game data in such case? or just store the data on cloud?


Is Possible To Recover Game Data For Android?

Yes, there is a possibility to recover deleted games data on some devices.  

But it is not easy as well also. It totally depends on the devices which you use because, on some devices, it does not work.

Everything depends on persistent storage chips because it does not work as a friendly to magnetic storage and also some hardware are will allow to recovery the old data. So, it totally depends on your device whether you can restore deleted game data or not with the right command.

Part 1: Recover lost game data from Google Play Store

Generally, it happens that when you download any games from the Play store, then you have to install and before playing the game, you are asked to sign in with either a Google account or Facebook from the game company’s server.

Many users simply download the game and begin to play. This is where users make mistakes as if their game data gets lost then they will be lost forever.

However, when you log in with your account from either Google or Facebook, the game progress is saved on the server, and whenever you face data loss, you can get it from there.

Reinstall the Game to Get Back Data from Google Play Store

The first thing, which you should do, is log in to your play store and there you can see the saved game or the progress you have reached until now. You can see more on how to see your progress with saved games.

Now to reinstall the game from the play store, follow the steps:

  • Go to Google Play Store
  • Click on 3 line icon to open the menu
  • Now click on the My Apps & Games option

  • After that, you will see 3 tabs- Updates, Installed, and Library. On the installed section, you can see the game you have installed.
  • Either you can go to Library tabs where you can see the deleted app
  • Now either you install the deleted apps or simply uninstall the game and again reinstall it to play without any problem

After again reinstalling the game, you can play it from where you have stopped. This is because your game data was saved on the game’s server.

Get Back Lost Game Data Synced on Google Drive

In this process, you cannot see what data is being backed up to the cloud but yes, you can see the amount of app data that is stored. For that, you have to follow the steps:

  • Open Google Drive
  • Now in My Drive, select the menu option from the left corner
  • Go to Settings

  • Now click on Manage backup
  • Here you can get all the list of apps using the backup service

But if your game data is not saved on the server and your progress is saved locally, then it’s probably that those data are gone forever.

Further, you can do one attempt to get back your lost game data from an Android device using third-party recovery software.

Part 2: How to Restore Deleted Game Data on Android using Third-Party Software

Recovering back the deleted files on the Android Device, data such as games are critical assets that your smartphone stores. Each day you use these and mishandle while playing at this time then you may accidentally or unintentionally or knowingly deleted the games app.

It can be a nightmare for any of the users. However, if it happens then it is possible to get back these games in few seconds.

For this, the first thing you need to do is to first stop using your phone as soon as your games get deleted and switch off your device as any further use of your phone can overwrite the file where your deleted games are still now in the memory of the phone.

After that, to prevent such a situation you need to use Android Data Recovery software. It effortlessly retrieves your data back. It completely scans your Android device by identifying and recovers your “deleted” games or the games APK file. It can also help to retrieve other data as well like Messages, Contacts, Media Gallery, Video, Documents, and pictures with the help of this software.

This program is easy to use and easily restores all your deleted files from your Android device. No matter how the data is deleted, simply using this powerful program can restore deleted game data on Android. So this is one of the best answers for those users who ask how to recover deleted Google play games data on Android.

Therefore, simply Download Android Data Recovery software and recover deleted games on Android with ease.


Note: It is recommended to download and use the software on your PC or laptop. It is because recovery of phone data on the phone itself is risky as you may end up losing all your data because of data overriding.

Steps to recover deleted games from Android smartphones

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How to Enable Android Backup Service?

To avoid any type of data loss from your Android device, ensure that you have enabled backup service on your phone.

  • First, open Settings and then go to Backup & reset
  • After that select, Backup my data

  • Switch backup my data ON.
  • Here you have to select Back to again go to Backup & reset
  • Now check whether Google account linked is correct or not
  • Switch ON to Automatic restore to recover settings and data while installing any app

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1: How Do I Restore Game Progress On Android?

You can restore the progress of the game on Android by following the steps. Choose Internal Storage to get the list of backed-up games and then select games you wish to restore > click on Restore and then on Restore My Data. After doing this, wait for some time until the process is finished.

2: Does A Factory Reset Delete Game Data?

No, it's not necessary that doing a factory reset will delete Android game data. Many times, after doing a factory reset on Android, data remains. And the reason for this is, a security firm has determined on Android devices factory settings that don’t wipe away data from the phone.

3: Where Are Game Files Stored On Android?

Whenever any apps you download from Play Store, their files are stored on phone memory. You can get it by going to Internal Storage > Android > Obb folder. If your app's files are stored on external storage then go to SD card > Android > data or SD card > Android > obb.


I hope whatever information you have got through this blog will help you restore game data on Android devices. Few options are good to use as they can help you to recover the erased game data. In fact, the alternative option can also work to retrieve the wiped away data but it doesn’t guarantee you.

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