How to Recover Lost/Deleted Viber Messages On Android

Have you lost your Viber messages from Android phone and wondering how to recover them?

If your answer is Yes, then this blog will definitely help you to recover deleted Viber messages on Android.

Well, Viber is one of the popular instant messaging app similar to WhatsApp, which let you to send and receive calls, messages, send videos, photos etc to anyone who have installed Viber on their phones.

But one thing that Viber can depress you is that it don’t keep copy of your chats in its server as WhastApp do. Now this is a big issue when you accidentally lose your chat messages from your device.

This is not a new thing to user as several users encounters Viber messages deletion on their Android phones and they don’t know how to get them back?

However, Viber conversations may be important for many people and immediately losing them is a great loss.

No matter for whatever reasons those chats are deleted but users do search for ways that can help them to restore deleted Viber messages/chats from their Android phones.

But before you go to the solution, let us see what one of the user has reported about lost Viber messages.

Such type of situations can occur to anyone using Viber app and so it is necessary to know how those messages are deleted. Here you will get few common reasons that can lead to data deletion from your Android phone.

Common causes for lost Viber messages

The reasons are very common and I hope you come across such situations on daily basis. But you might not aware of the fact that those situation can lead to loss of your data. However, some careless reasons include:

  • Unintentionally or mistakenly deletion of Viber chats or messages
  • While upgrading to new OS or device gets crashed and your conversations are no longer available
  • The Viber app is removed or uninstalled and hence all chats are wiped away
  • Formatting the entire device or restoring the device to factory settings
  • Due to harmful virus attack or ROM flashing Android

Apart from these, there can be several other reasons that can remove your Viber chats from your device.

But hopefully there are ways that works effectively to retrieve deleted Viber messages on Android.

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How can I be able to see Viber history?

After you open your Viber setting on your phone, you have to go to “More” option and then select “Settings”. After that tap on “calls and messages” and click on “Email message history”. Doing this will create a backup file of the entire chat conversations available in chat history.

Now, its time to send all those messages to yourself or to any mail to see them. But before that you should know that the backed up history will not restore to your Android phone. Only you can download the backup file by simply signing into email account.

How to backup Viber messages?

Well, to backup your Viber chats is very easy and is important too. Because if any unwanted situation happens where you have to lose all your data including Viber conversations then this backup will obviously be effective.

Simply follow the below steps and backup all your conversations but also ensure that your Viber account is connected to Google Drive.

Way 1: Backup chats on Android

  • First open Viber and choose More option
  • Then select Settings and click on Account
  • Here you have to select Viber Backup
  • After selecting backup, wait for some time until all conversations are backed up.

Way 2: Setup auto backup for your data on Android

  • Go to Viber app and open More screen, after that click on Settings
  • Here you have to select Account and click on Viber Backup
  • Now click on Auto Backup and then select how often you want your Viber to backup all chats/conversations from given options

Apart from this, you can use any third party software to backup and restore all your Viber messages. Yes, there are several of them that will work for you and it is named as Android Backup & Restore. This is one of the best and unique software that will backup all your data including Viber with ease.

And whenever you come across such conditions where you lose every data from your phone along with Viber chats then use this tool to restore all data. Easy to use and apply and works for every Android phones.

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How to recover lost Viber messages on Android?

Well, when you encounter such conversations loss then I would simply suggest you to use your backup file if you have ever created any.

Taking backup is an important part for every user who thinks their phone’s data is important.

If you have taken a backup then follow the below steps to recover lost Viber chat messages. However, previously I have explained how to take a backup of your chats and if you have done then move further:

Way 1: Restore using Google Drive backup

  • First, you have to connect your device to Google drive account
  • Now activate Viber and choose Restore Viber content

Way 2: Restore using Viber backup

  • Open ‘More’ option and then enter ‘Settings
  • Here click on ‘Viber Backup
  • Now check the backup information
  • Click on “Restore” and at last choose “Restore Now

How to recover lost Viber messages on Android without backup

When all the above steps does not works for you because you don’t have backup, then it’s a annoying situation to get back those conversations. However, trying third party recovery software can help in this situation.

Android Data Recovery software is the one and only program that will recover all your Viber chats or conversations on Android. This powerful software specializes in retrieving lost/deleted data from Android phones.

Not only Viber messages are recovered but other data such as contacts, text messages, WhatsApp messages, call history, photos, videos, voice messages, documents and many more are easily recovered.

It works effectively on every Smartphone brands like Huawei, LG, Sony, Samsung, Oppo, Xiaomi, HTC, Lenovo and several others. No matter how the data are lost, it effectively scans the entire device to restore lost data from it.


Note: It is recommended to download and use the software on your PC or laptop. It is because recovery of phone data on the phone itself is risky as you may end up losing all your data because of data overriding.

Steps to recover lost Viber messages on Android

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Viber app is used by numerous user for messaging to families, friends, colleagues or others. However, it contains messages, photos, videos, etc that can be deleted anytime only because of some wrong deletion of data.

But good news is that there are ways to get back those lost Viber conversations from backup and if no backup is available then using a powerful recovery program.

I hope this blog clearly describes you how to get back the lost/deleted chats of Viber from backup and without backup.

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