13 Solutions To Fix Android Auto Keeps Disconnecting

Android Auto Keeps Disconnecting

How to fix Android Auto keeps disconnecting problem? Read this troubleshooting guide, apply the 13 fixes mentioned here and solve the issue.

Android Auto is a handy application that is used to connect the Android mobile to infotainment system of the car. It has some cool features like navigation of Google Maps, Web Search, GPS, Music Player, voice reply, etc.

In spite of all these exclusive features, users are encountering different problems while using it. One such issue which is recently experienced by users is “Android Auto keeps disconnecting and reconnecting”. Thus, if you’re one of them, this is the correct place for you.

In this post, you will learn why Android Auto disconnects randomly and of course how to solve it.

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[11 Ways] Fix Pokémon Go Stuck On Loading Screen

Pokémon Go Stuck on Loading Screen

Many users have claimed that the game Pokémon Go stuck on loading screen and as a result, they can’t play the game. Well, this is not the first time users are experiencing such an issue with this game. Earlier we discussed other Pokémon Go errors too.

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5 Ways To Unlock HTC Phone With Or Without Factory Reset

How to unlock HTC phone

If you’ve forgotten a password/pattern/PIN on your HTC phone and want to unlock it, this article will surely assist you. Here, you will get some workable solutions on how to unlock HTC phone. So, just apply them one by one and get rid of this issue.

You can remove HTC lock screen through Google account, ADB (Android Debug Bridge), or Backup PIN. Besides, you can try another best option that is Android Unlock Tool to unlock your locked phone without losing data.

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How To Use A VPN On Android: A Complete Guide

How To Use A VPN On Android

If you are looking forward to keeping your online presence safe by using a VPN app but are not sure how to use it, then this post is definitely what you’re looking for. Here, I will show you how to use a VPN on Android.

So, keep reading it till the end, as there is a bonus part for you if are still confused about choosing the right VPN for your Android phone.

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13 Fixes: Pokémon GO Failed to Detect Location Android

Pokémon GO Failed To Detect Location

How to fix Pokémon GO failed to detect location? Just follow our detailed step-by-step guide and get rid of this error message in a hassle-free manner.

Pokémon GO is a new trendy game in the today’s generation. No doubt, players are pleased to play this game for its AR (Augmented Reality) notion. But still, Pokemon GO has some technical issues that ruin the gaming experience of Android as well as iOS users.

One such issue that users are recently undergoing is “Pokemon GO failed to detect location 12 Android”. So, if you are also facing this error and want to fix this issue then you are at the correct webpage.

In this post, we’ll discuss why this error occurs and what to do if Pokemon GO failed to detect location error that occurs on Android phones.

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How To Turn On Snapchat Ghost Mode On Android?

How To Turn On Snapchat Ghost Mode

Have you ever heard about the Snapchat Ghost Mode? With the recent updates, Snapchat has also introduced a feature to enable/disable this option to improve the privacy on the Snap Map. If you also want to know about this security feature and how to turn on Ghost mode in Snapchat on Android, then go ahead with this article.

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