How to Recover Deleted Data From Android 6.0


Easiest Way to get back lost data from Android 6.0

While using the android device, you may have deleted the data and later you realize that it was important and want to recover it. You can easily recover it from the saved backup. And if you do not have any backup then in that case it can be recovered with the help of Android Data Recovery Tool. Using this application, you can easily recover lost, deleted or erased data and that too with few simple clicks.

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How to Fix The Worst Issues in Android 5.0 Lollipop

How to fix the worst issues in Android 5.0 Lollipop

Android Oreo is the new version from Android and its still yet to support on all devices but Android Lollipop is still one of the popular OS of Android

With the increasing popularity and advanced features Android 5.0 Lollipop has turned out to be a Hot chocolate for new buyers and for those who already own a Android and wish to update it.

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How To Recover Deleted Voice/Call Recordings From Android [2022]

Recover Deleted Voice/Call Recordings on Android

Have you lost your important voice/call recordings on Android? Want to know how to recover deleted voice recordings from Android? If it is so then keep on reading this post.

While viewing the data on your Android device, you have mistakenly tapped on the Delete option or you have selected the Factory Reset option. As a result, the data gets deleted from the Android device, the same thing might happen with the lost Voice Recording on the Android device.

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Best And Effective Ways To Recover Lost Photos/Videos From LG Optimus (Updated)

Best And Effective Ways To Recover Lost Photos/Videos From LG Optimus (Updated)

Lost your crucial data from LG Optimus phone and worried about how to get them back?

Is it possible to recover the lost files from LG Optimus phone? Whether every data is recoverable or not? And lots of other questions come in your mind when you encounter data loss situation on your LG phone, right?

Well, we all know that LG is one of the popular Smartphone company that gives tough competition to other Android phones and one such phone is LG Optimus.

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How to Recover Deleted APK Files From Android Phones

For the users to get recovery from such file loss issues, they should use Android Data Recovery Tool. This recovery tool is especially designed and also developed in order to recover lost or deleted data from Android devices like mobile phones and tablets

Restore Deleted or Lost Android APK Files

There may be situations where you will end up losing your APK file from your Android Smartphone. But now, no need to worry you can easily recover your lost, deleted formatted APK files from your Android devices by using the powerful Android Data Recovery Tool.

This tool has the ability to recover each and every APK file from your android device.

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How to Recover Deleted Data from HTC One M7

HTC One M7

HTC One M7 is one of the most popular Android Smartphone. Have you ever across a situation when you have accidentally deleted data from your HTC One M7 or have you even formatted your data or have it even been damaged? These conditions happened with you and you have even did not back up your data. These situations can make you depression. If you ever have encountered any of the situations mentioned above then there is a great need to recover them all.

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How to Recover and Backup Android Phone Data on Mac

Restore Lost data and Backup Android Phone data on Mac

With the help of MobileGo Manager for Mac, you can easily restore and backup all the lost/deleted lost files on Mac. The software is well designed to interact with many aspects of android device. The entire data can be recovered by using the software MobileGo Manager for Mac.

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[Best Ways] How To Recover Android Lost.dir Files?

How to Recover Android Lost.dir Files

Nowadays, Android phones are coming with lots of space but still after a certain time, the storage space becomes full. So users also insert an SD card to expand the storage on phone.

While managing the data or files on the phone, many users see a folder named LOST.DIR. It has some unknown files that don’t have anything to do with your phone.

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How to transfer SMS from Android to Android

sms transfer to android

Transfer SMS & Messages from Android to New Phone Android in One Click

Phone to phone transfer is the professional transfer tool that let you transfer messages, pictures, audios, videos, contacts, call logs and apps from Android to Android in one click. Not only this it even let you transfer data among Android, iOS and Symbian, BlackBerry, Lumia and Nokia phones.

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