How to Turn on Phone Without Power Button? – Breaking Boundaries

The power button is a lifeline of smartphones. But what if it malfunctions or gets broken? Scary thought right? Well, do not worry, here in this guide we have covered some alternative methods on how to turn on phone without Power button.

So, follow my lead and learn to control your phone without using the Power button.

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How to Turn on Phone Without Power Button?

Scenario 1 – The Phone is Off and the Power Button is Broken

If your phone is off and the power button on it is simply broken, missing, or has fallen out, try pressing the bump of the power button with a thin object such as a sim-ejector pin or a hairpin.

Also, you can try powering on your phone using a charging cable. Sometimes, charging a phone sufficiently will turn on your phone automatically.

Turn on Phone without Power Button Using a Charging Cable

Scenario 2 – The Phone Has Broken Power Button but Has a Physical Home & Volume buttons

On some smartphones, volume, and home buttons can also be used to turn the phone on. You can perform this method only when the physical Home button is there on your device.

Though the latest smartphones don’t come with a physical Home button if your phone has it, learn how to turn on a phone without the power button by following the instructions below:

  • Connect your phone to your PC using a USB cable.
  • Now, press & hold both the Volume and Home buttons together.
  • Release all the buttons once you see a menu screen.
  • Then, on the menu screen, select the option Turn on or Restart using the Volume buttons.

turn on Android Phone without power Button

Scenario 3 – The phone Has a Broken Power Button with The Volume Buttons Only

Now, if your phone has a broken Power button but with working Volume buttons, in this case, use the Volume buttons to turn on your device.

  • First, connect your phone to PC via a USB cable, and hold the Volume Down button till the boot menu shows up.


Use A USB Cable and Computer to Switch On Phone

  • Now, tap the Start option using the Volume buttons to turn on your phone.

Turn On Phone Without Power Button Samsung

If you have a Samsung phone with a broken Power button, learn how to turn on phone without power button Samsung in this section.

Use ADB Command

ADB is a debugging tool that Android users use to test the applications on their smartphones. However, some ADB commands can also be used to power on your phone via PC.

To do so, follow the simple steps here:

  • First, download Android Studio and suitable SDK tools on your PC.
  • Connect your Samsung device to your PC using a USB cable.
  • When your device is detected, go to the installation folder of ADB.
  • Right-click on the ADB application and choose Open command window here.

turn on phone without power button Samsung

  • On the cmd panel, type the command ADB devices followed by pressing Enter.

turn on phone without power button Samsung

  • Now, the list of connected devices will appear. Enter the command <device id> reboot. Remember to replace the device ID with your respective Samsung phone ID.

turn on phone without power button Samsung

That’s it! Your phone will now reboot automatically without needing to press the Power button.

Using Bixby Key

If you have a recent Samsung Galaxy model where you can’t find the Power button, do not panic! In the latest models, the Bixby/Side key works as a Power button.

So, to switch on the phone without the Power button, follow the simple instructions referred from this forum:

  • Just hold down the Side or Bixby button for a second.

how to turn on a phone without the power button

  • Release the button once you see a screen light.
  • That’s all! Your Samsung phone will now be turning on.

Contact the Nearest Service Centre

Well, you cannot go on turning on your phone without a Power button always. So, in such case, you need to visit your nearest service center to get the Power button repaired or replaced.

Also, ensure to handle the phone with care to avoid physical/hardware damage in the future.

How to Turn Off Phone Without Power Button?

Using Accessibility Menu

The accessibility menu provides you with a shortcut menu for different buttons and features. So, using this menu, you can easily power off your phone without pressing the physical Power button.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • On the Settings app, go to the Additional Settings.
  • Then, choose Accessibility>>Accessibility menu option.
  • Toggle on the button for Shortcut and allow the required permissions.

turn off phone without power button

  • Return to the Home screen. Tap the Shortcut menu icon to access the menu.
  • Click on the Power icon and select the Power off option.

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Use Android Repair Tool to Fix Android Phone That Won’t Turn On

If your phone is not turning on even after charging, it must be because of some software glitch. In such a case, use the Android Repair Tool to fix the Android phone won’t turn on problem.

This software is capable of dealing with various issues and errors on Android devices. The problems include: stuck in bootloop, phone won’t charge, update failed or stuck, apps crashing, and many others.

Also, the software is compatible with all Android phones. So, whatever your device brand or model, the Android Repair software is ready to install and fix the problem.

Here’s a user guide link for the software.


Note: It is recommended to download and use the software on your PC or laptop only.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will using alternative methods void my warranty?

Alternatives methods of turning the phone on without a Power button do not void phone warranty. However, in some cases, where you have rooted your device to turn on it, it may have consequences such as a warranty void.

Can I turn on my phone by connecting it to a computer?

Yes, connecting your phone to a PC with a USB cable can trigger the device to turn on, especially when it is powered off. This method is particularly used in cases where the power button is unresponsive, broken, or missing.

What should I do if none of the methods work?

Unfortunately if none of those as mentioned earlier ways work, seek professional help from the device manufacturer's customer support or visit the nearest service center for hardware inspection and repairs.

Final Words

Now, that you know how to turn on phone without Power button, try the tricks and release the load on the Power button for every restart and power on/off.

In case of any further queries or doubts, do ask us on Twitter or Facebook.