Solved: Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge Won’t Turn On Issue

Summary: There are many users of Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge who are complaining about that my Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge won’t Turn ON. So, just like other Android issues and errors, in this post you are going to learn about some effective solution that will help you to fix Samsung Galaxy phone won’t turn ON problem.

Let us begin with real user example:

S6 Won’t Turn On

Hi all,

I have an S6 that when I plug it into a power source, the “Samsung Galaxy S6” logo pops up for a split second then the screen goes blank, and it repeats 5 seconds later. I have tried a new battery – to no avail, and have tried to hard reset it by pressing Power+VolUp+Home and it went to the hard reset menu but after 1-2 seconds the screen went blank and went back to flashing the Samsung logo.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what this could be?

I suspect its the charging port but I am not 100%, havent come across this problem before.

Thanks for reading!

– Original Post From Android Central Forums

Both device Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge is very famous smartphone with lots of user. Users have liked its features and performance. But still there are several users saying that their Samsung Galaxy phone is not getting on and it remained stuck in black screen of death or Samsung logo each and every time when they press the power ON/OFF button to switch it ON. In such scenarios your device becomes unresponsive and does not boot up as usual.

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Causes: Why Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge Won’t Turn ON

There is a well known saying that we should first look for the problems before we look for its solutions. Below, you will find few causes that are responsible for Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge won’t turn on, so that you can avoid such problem in future.

  • If there is any interruption in the firmware update, then it will cause such issue. This problem can be easily detected when your Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge stop turning ON after firmware update.
  • Another cause for Galaxy won’t turn ON could be discharged battery.
  • Using the phone roughly, dust or moisture entrance, internal damage to the phone due fall, etc can also cause your Samsung phone from not getting ON.
  • Sometimes, hardware defect also responsible for phone won’t turn on issue.

So, these were some common causes that keep your phone to remain at stuck or frozen state at a black screen.

Consequences of Samsung Galaxy Won’t Turn ON Problem

Users facing such situation where his/her Samsung phone won’t turn ON, they are not able to access their phone and data stored within the phones and interrupts their work. And at last, we often find them asking for a solutions that could help them to fix Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge won’t turn ON.

Below find out the few simple tips, but very effective solutions to fix Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge won’t turn issues and turn it back ON.

Solutions To Fix Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge Won’t Turn ON

Solution 1: Check if your Samsung S6/S6 Edge phone is charged. If not then charge it.

charge galaxy phone

Sometimes, due to our busy life we tend to forget to charge our phone and hence the phone’s battery gets drained and Galaxy phone does not get ON. So, charge your phone for atleast 25-30 minutes and then switch ON your phone. If your phone shows the sign of charging on the screen, then it means that your phone is in healthy state and just its battery need charging.

Note: Only use original Samsung charger to charge your Samsung phones.

Solution 2: Check if battery is not damaged

Samsung galaxy battery gets damaged

If your phone battery is not getting charged then you must also check your Galaxy phone’s battery – maybe it got damaged. In case, if your phone’s battery is damaged, leaking or bulged, then in such case you will not be able to turn on your galaxy device. To fix this issue, replace the damaged battery with the new one and Switch ON your Galaxy phone.

Note: Only use original Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge battery for respective devices. Since, the battery is non-removable you have to contacts or visit Samsung Service Center for the replacement of the battery.

Solution 3: Force Start Your Galaxy S6/Galaxy S6 Edge

force start galaxy phone

As mentioned above that you can’t remove the battery from Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge as it is non-removable, but you can do perform soft reset or force start your device when Samsung Galaxy won’t turn on.

Steps to perform soft reset or force start Galaxy phones:

  • Press the On/Off button and Volume down button all together for about 6-7 seconds and wait.
  • Your phone will reboot and start up as usual.

Solution 4: Boot Galaxy phone in Safe Mode

Booting the phone in Safe Mode is an ideal method to remove any possibility of software crash or downloaded apps that may create several problems. If your phone boots in Safe Mode, then you should also know that the phone is capable to get turned ON, but certain apps that you have recently installed that are creating problems needs to be removed to fix Galaxy S6 won’t turn on issue.

Steps to boot Galaxy phone in Safe Mode:

  • Long press Power On/Off button and Volume down button all together for about 15-16 seconds and wait for your phone to vibrate.
  • After the vibration, once the phone display the “Samsung” on the screen, immediately release the Power button only.
  • Now your phone will boot in Safe Mode. You can see the “Safe Mode” at the bottom of the screen.

Now uninstall the recently installed apps from the phone to solve Samsung Galaxy phone not turning ON.

Solution 5: Wipe Cache Partition

Note that wiping cache partition does not delete the data stored within the Android phone and it is completely different from Factory Reset. For, this you have to boot into Recovery Mode, in order to clean up all the clogged up system files.

Steps to enter into Recovery Mode and perform Wipe Cache Partition:

  • Long press Power On/Off, Volume Up and Home button all together for about 15-16 seconds and wait for your phone to vibrate.
  • Once you see the “Samsung” on the screen, immediately release Power button, but continue holding the Home and Volume button.

  • Once, the Recovery screen appears, you can release Power and Volume button.
  • Using the Volume down button, scroll down to “Wipe Cache Partition” and select it by pressing the power button.

  • Once, the Wipe Cache Partition process completes proceed further by selecting the “Reboot System Now” option to restart the phone and see if your phone turn ON normally.

Solution 5: Fix Water Damaged Phone That Won’t Boot

fix samsung galaxy water damaged phone

If your Galaxy phone accidentally fall or dropped into water, even then also your phone will not get turned ON. But you don’t need to panic about it.

Below find out the solution what you should do to fix water damaged Samsung Galaxy phone that won’t turn on:

  • Open the back cover and put your phone in sunlight and get it completely dried.
  • Once, you are sure that phone has got completely dried you can then try to switch it ON.

Note: Do not switch on the phone when it wet as it would short circuit your phone and do not press any key or shake your phone.

How to Recover Data When Galaxy S6/S6 Edge Won’t Turn On?

The above mentioned solutions will help you to fix Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge won’t switch ON and restart your phone.

But in case, if your Galaxy phone or any other Android phone does not get Switched ON, then in such situation you can use Android Data Extraction (Damaged Device) software. It is particularly designed to extract data from damaged or broken phone that won’t start up or stuck/remain at black/blank screen.

You can download the trial version of the software, check all its features before you make mind to buy it.

This data recovery software for broken or damaged Android phones also has capability to retrieve inaccessible data from locked phones, screen stuck at white screen or unresponsive Android phones and tablets or whose Android system got crashed due to virus infection.

Steps to Retrieve Inaccessible Data from Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge That Won’t Turn On

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I am sure that from the above tips mentioned in this article had helped you to fix problem when you encounter Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge won’t turn on. The solutions mentioned in this post has already helped so many users to fix the Android phone won’t turn on issue. In addition, Android Data Extraction is perfect way to retrieve all your precious data and prevent data loss and keep it secure.