How To Fix Android Phone Keeps Turning Off Issue [13 Best Ways]

Summary: Is your Android phone keeps turning off even after having a full battery on the device? No matter what causes it, you can always fix this issue by using a few tips shared in this post. But first, let’s discuss a little more about this problem.

Quick Answer:

You can fix the Android phone keep turning off by checking if your phone battery is working fine, the power button is not stuck, updating the Android phone, booting the phone in safe mode, and uninstalling the problematic apps. To find out the other effective solutions, keep reading this post till the end.

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Know More About Android Phone Keeps Turning Off Issue

Android phones are a great and powerful device. However, there are so many instances where some random and irritating issues spoil the whole great experience. And one such issue with an Android phone is when it keeps shutting down randomly without any reason.

Do you know what the worst part of this issue is? You cannot find out the precise reason that is causing this problem because no matter if your phone battery is full or running out of charge, you will experience this problem.

Just take a look at how this Android user is totally clueless about this whole situation:

Even worse, sometimes, it starts happening so often that you can’t handle the phone as the situation gets out of your control. Well, in this case, I would suggest you take your phone to the service center ASAP.

But if it’s just a starting and your Android phone keeps turning off by itself, not that often, then you still have a chance to fix it on your own. To fix this problem, you can go with the best working tricks shared below in this post.

Why Does Android Phone Keep Shutting Down Randomly?

As I already said, it is quite a difficult task to identify the actual reason causing your phone to turn off by itself.

However, after evaluating the problem and going through several discussions on the forum, I have come up with the following reasons that may lead you to this obnoxious situation:

  • Phone’s Processor: If your phone’s processor has any issue and is not responding to any command, then your phone will shut off automatically.
  • Device Internal Self-Reset: Sometimes, it happens when the phone resets itself internally. The system does this occasionally when the phone hasn’t been turned off for a long time. It happens to reload the memory and run the device smoothly.
  • Using Faulty Battery: Battery is a crucial part of the phone, and if it is faulty, you will experience this problem.
  •  Outdated OS: Running an old version of the Android OS is another possible reason that may cause the phone to turn off by itself.
  • Simultaneous Installation of Apps: If you have recently installed several apps simultaneously, it may hang or crash your phone, and it may turn off automatically.
  • High CPU Usage: Even though the phone’s CPU is capable of multiple apps and services in the background, sometimes, the high and continuous usage of the CPU by a particular app leads to this issue.
  • Faulty Power Button: If your power button is not working properly or is stuck, it will turn off the phone.
  • Bug in the Device: Another possible reason that may cause this problem is a bug in your phone, such as software glitches, firmware bugs, etc.
  • High Battery Temperature: Sometimes, due to the hot battery temperature, the phone shuts off randomly.
  • Too Many Widgets: The presence of too many widgets on the phone also results in the Android phone keeps turning off issue.

How To Fix Android Phone Keeps Turning Off Problem?

Take a quick glance over the fixes:

Fix 1: Update Your Phone’s Software

If your phone is running on an older version of the Operating System and has not been updated for a long time then it will cause the Android phone keeps shutting off.

So, please check whether any software update is available for your phone by following these steps.

  • Launch the Settings app on your phone.
  • Tap on the About Phone.
  • Go to the System Updates.

update android os

  • Now, the system will check for a new update. If there is a new update available for your phone, then tap on the Download Update button.
  • After installing the new update, check if the issue is happening again or not. If it is still happening, then try out the other solutions.

Fix 2: Remove Phone Cover/Case

Bulky and heavy phone cases sometimes cause this problem on the device. It is because these types of phone covers make the battery space lose or press the power button.

Hence, if this problem is occurring on your phone, then try to remove the phone case and then check if the same issue is happening again.

Fix 3: Check Whether Your Phone’s Sleep Mode Activated

If your Android phone is shutting down automatically then you need to check whether the phone is in sleep mode or something else.

  • Before this, you need to hit the Power button and after that go to the Settings app of your phone.
  • Hit the Display & gestures tab and then Display, gestures & buttons or Display tab.

Alternative Method:

In that case, you need to search for the option of sleep or screen timeout as it is hidden under the Lock Screen and Security option.

An android device such as Redmi doesn’t have the option of sleep within the “Display Settings”, so for this, you need to follow the below steps:

  • Open your phone Settings.
  • Tap to the Lock Screen and Password option present under “System & Device”.
  • On the next opened screen tap to the Sleep or Screen timeout option.
  • Now you will get the option of setting screen timing. So choose at least 30 minutes of the time interval or any another long duration if available.

Fix 4: Stucked Power Button

Sometimes stuck power button can also be the reason for Android phone keeps turning off.

So if this happened to you then press your phone’s power button and then release it. Do it 3-4 times until you get to ensure that it’s working smoothly.

Fix 5: Boot In The Safe Mode

Running your Android phone in safe mode is the best option to get rid of the Android phone turn off issue.

The benefit of safe mode is that it only allows the execution of inbuilt apps. So in this mode, your phone doesn’t undergo any app incompatible or confliction issue with the phone’s software.

Note: it’s better to remove unwanted apps from your phone because this will only put an extra burden on your phone’s processor.

Follow the below-given steps to start your Android phone in safe mode.

  • Make a long press to your Power button until you get the following screen.
  • Hold the option of “Power Off” for 10 seconds and then tap the OK button.
  • Now you will see the option of “Safe mode” on the screen. Wait until the problem gets fixed.

Fix Android Phone Keeps Turning Off

In this way, your Android phone boots into Safe mode, and ultimately the problem of the Android screen turning off gets resolved.

Fix 6: Remove Malicious Virus From Device

Due to the impact of the virus also phone starts working differently. In that case, it’s better to install some powerful anti-virus for complete scanning of your device and after its use uninstall it from your phone.

Fix 7: Search For Problem Causing App

The presence of problematic apps also imparts to unexpected Android phone shutting down issues. So to fix this out you have to fetch and remove the problem causing the app which is causing the software instability.

  • If any battery saver apps are installed on your mobile then immediately uninstall them.
  • Check whether all the apps are updated or not. If it’s not then update it.
  • You have to monitor whether your phone is turning off while trying to access any particular app or while performing any task.
  • If there is some issue with the newly installed apps then immediately uninstall them.

Android phone turn off issue

Fix 8: Check For Android Phone Heating Issue

Continuous usage of the phone makes your phone hot as a result of which your phone gets damaged internally. Due to this, your Android phone keeps turning off.

In order to avoid the android phone switching off the problem, follow these steps:

  • Avoid using apps that put a heavy processor load and don’t watch the video for a longer duration.
  • Don’t use any 3rd party charger for charging your phone because it will make your device get heated up. Always try to use the original charger of your device.
  • Avoid using your phone in a hot environment or direct sunlight for the phone’s good health.
  • If your device is getting hotter while charging then immediately remove your charger and take an exit from all the apps. Keep your phone aside until it gets cool down.

Fix 9: Disable Scheduled Power On/Off on Android

Some of the Android phones come with an Automatic Power On/Off option. So, if you have this option enabled on your system, your phone will turn off automatically at the scheduled time.

If you don’t want your Android phone to shut down randomly, then disable this feature. You can do this by following these instructions:

  • Go to the Settings of your phone.
  • Search for the Auto Power On/Off or Scheduled Power On & Off option. You can generally find it under the Additional Settings.
  • Tap on the option, and on the next screen, you will see Power off and on time.
  • Here, you need to turn off this feature. For this, tap on the toggle button given next to the set time and disable it.
  • Now, your phone should stop turning off automatically.

Fix 10: Factory Reset Android Phone

Factory reset is the most powerful method to fix the Android shutting down problem. But before performing this, it’s better to take proper backup of android phone data as this covers the method has the risk of data loss.

Here is how to factory reset your Android phone.

  • Go to the Settings option and then choose the “Backup and Reset” option.
  • Choose the Factory Data Reset option and tap to Reset device option.
  • Now you have to make a tap over Erase Everything option to factory reset your Android device.

Android phone keeps shutting off

NOTE: Once the whole process gets over, you will see that your phone will automatically get started just like the new phone. You need to set up an Android phone from the very beginning.

Fix 11: Check The Battery Status On Android

Another option that you must try is to check the condition of your phone’s battery.

You guys must be checking out the physical appearance of your phone’s battery. But actually, you need to check your battery’s operation health.

  • For this, you need to open your phone dialer.
  • After that dial *#*#4636#*#* in the same way you type any phone number.
  • This will open the “Battery Info” on your screen.

Check The Battery Status On Android

Note: if the above-mentioned code won’t work then alternatively you can dial *#*#INFO#*#*.  It will also display the same battery information.

If the battery condition is not showing good then you may need to purchase a new battery for your phone.

Fix 12: Contact the Manufacturer

If none of the solutions did work for you, then there is no other option left but to take your phone to the manufacturer or service center.

If your phone is in warranty period or has any insurance, then it would be easier for you to get the phone fixed at a low cost.

Fix 13: “Android Keeps Shutting Down” With Professional Recommended Software

Another very decent way to fix Android keeps shutting down problem is using the specialized tool i.e Android Repair software.

With this software, you can fix almost every kind of Android phone problem. This professional tool is quite efficient to fix Android errors like being Stuck on boot loop, the Black screen of deathApps keep crashing, and several other problems that can also be fixed with this.

Brief Overview Of Android Repair:

  • Compatibly work on Android devices carriers like AT&T, Verizon, Vodafone, Sprint, T-Mobile, Orange, etc.
  • Supports all Android models phones such as Oppo, Samsung, Redmi, Nokia, Vivo, etc.
  • It takes complete care of your data privacy.


Final Thought

Now you must have got answers to your queries like why your Android phone is turning off or how to fix the Android phone switching off problem?

All the fixes listed above will surely gonna help you in fixing this problem. Besides this, if you know of any more fixes to resolve this issue then share them with us in the comment section.

Further, you can reach out to us through our social media pages like Facebook & Twitter.