[5 Tricks] Face Unlock Not Working After Android 12 Update

Have you ever met with a situation where suddenly your Android face unlocks stops working?

After getting into such a situation you will encounter errors like “Can’t Verify Face. Try Again” or “re-add your face”.

This problem restricts you from unlocking the Android device through a password or PIN.

If you are a victim of this sarcastic situation then leave all your worries. As of today, I will provide you with the best fixes to resolve face unlock not working issue.

Why Can’t I Unlock My Phone With My Face?

If face unlock is not working in Android then the following reasons are responsible for this:

  • Your front camera is somehow got covered with the protective case.
  • If you have wearied a pair of sunglasses then remove them and don’t let your eyes get covered.
  • Check whether the Face unlock is somehow got disabled because of the activation of the device administrator app like Exchange ActiveSync® security policies.
  • You must have tried unlocking your phone several times and thus your phone is locked for 72 hours. that’s maybe the reason behind Face Unlock Not Working in Android.
  • Face unlock app is not recognizing your face even if your face is slightly changed due to suntan, surgery, or mustache growth. So you need to set your face again.

Apart from paying attention to the section which we have discussed in this reasons section, here are some fixes to resolve Face unlock problems.

How To Fix Face Unlock Not Working After Android 12 Update?

Try the listed solution to fix face unlock not working after Android 12 update issue.

1: Re-Enable Android Face Unlock

2: Reset The Unlock Feature

3: Check The Software Update Availability

4: Factory Reset Android Device

5: Clear App Data & Cache

Method 1: Re-Enable Android Face Unlock

If in your case rebooting an Android device doesn’t give you any positive response then it’s recommended you disable and then enable the face unlock option on Android phone.

This will surely help you as many users reported previously that this helped them in fixing this kind of issue.

  • Go to your Android Settings section.
  • After that make a tap over the Security section and then choose the face unlock option.

Re-Enable Android Face Unlock

  • Hit the “Face Unlock” option and then you have to toggle the “Disable” option.
  • After 10-15 seconds re-Enable this option.

Re-Enable Android Face Unlock 1

Method 2: Reset The Unlock Feature

Another solution that you are recommended to try for fixing up face unlock not working after the Android 12 update is by resetting Android face unlock feature.

Here are the steps that you need to perform:

  • At first, go to the Settings section on your Android.
  • Browse to the Security option.
  • Make a tap over the Face Unlock option.
  • Now you have to re-register yourself to make verification whether everything is working fine or not.

Method 3: Check The Software Update Availability

Sometimes using the Android’s software older version also leads to generate face unlock not working issue.

So you need to check if there is any software update available for your phone. Follow down the given steps:

  • Open your Android phone Settings app.
  • Go to the About section.

face unlock not working

  • Here you have to see whether any update is available for your Android phone.
  • If there is any update available then give permission to your device for installing it.

If in case you are unable to update your device then need to wait until an official update is released by developers.

Method 4: Factory Reset Android Device

If still, you are struggling with face unlock not working issue on Android phone then try Factory reset your Android device.

As it’s possible that some 3rd party apps are not well compatible with the latest Android OS. Besides this chances are also that your device storage is havoc by malware that comes from visiting a malicious website.

But it’s better to keep the complete backup of your data before applying this fix. This will definitely fix all types of issues that you are been facing after the release of Android 12 patch update.

To fix this problem you need to factory reset your Android device. This will revert back your Android software version to the initial stage and remove the entire data.

1: Go to the Settings tab.

2: Scroll down to find the option of Back up and reset. Once you get it just make a tap over it.

face unlock not working issue on Android

3: Choose Factory data reset.

Factory Reset Android Device

4: Hit the Reset option.

Erase All the Data

5: enter any password or pin which you want to apply.

6: Hit Delete all option.

Method 5: Clear App Data & Cache

Accumulation of huge types of cache data sometimes hinders Android features to work smoothly. So all you need to do is just clear all the app cache and data.

  • Go to the SettingsApps section.
  • Hit the 3 dots present at the top right corner of your screen and after that choose the Show System Apps option.

  • Get into each app and make a tap over the StorageClear Data/Cache option.

Recommended Option To Repair Android Phone:

If your Android device gets dead, damaged broken or if it throws any types of error messages, stopping you from accessing data stored within it, then you can use the Android Repair tool.

This professional tool is designed to restore data from black/blue/white/sudden screen of death, broken, damaged, crashed, virus-infected Android devices. The software supports more than Android 2000 phones and tablets.



How Does Face Unlock Work In Android?

Well, the Face unlocks technology is the combination of facial and iris combination techniques together for improving up security and accuracy. It also works superbly in low-light effects. Technology facial scanning part simply builds the 2D image map of the face that is quite common in almost every type of Android phone.

Wrap Up:

All the mentioned fixes are well tried and tested one so do try them to fix face unlock not working in Android issue.

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