5 Easy Tricks To Fix Instagram “Checkpoint Required” Error

Instagram “checkpoint required” error is more likely taken as a security verification. As it occurs usually when users try to log in to their Instagram account from a distinctive geographic location or device. Moreover, Instagram took it as a hacking attempt thereby restricting the user from logging in by flashing this error.

Despite its security perspective, the error seems to be quite annoying as it won’t let users access their Instagram account until verified. However, this problem needs to be fixed firsthand. Therefore we have come up with this blog that covers the most potential solutions to get you out of this problematic situation in no time.

What Is a “Checkpoint Required” Error?

“Checkpoint required” on Instagram is one type of security attribute that is adopted by Instagram to keep their user’s account secured from bots or third-party access.

As nowadays users took the help of bots to increase their likes and followers. However due to the “checkpoint required” error, one needs to validate themselves as a human to have access to their account.

However, the error pops out with a small message stating “checkpoint required” further directed to the verification screen to validate the user. Once the user got validated they have access to their Instagram account.

What Causes Instagram “Checkpoint Required” Error?

Well, there can be numerous reasons for this error occurrence. Moreover, some of them are highlighted below:

  • Signing in to Instagram account from a different geographical location- If you are signing in to your Instagram account totally from a different geographical area than last time, then you will surely encounter this error. As Instagram takes the varied location login as a hacking attempt and thereby flashing this error on your screen.
  • Making Use of third-party or unauthorized application to login-Secondly if you are logging in via unauthorized third-party Instagram apps on your Android then there will be a possibility that you may get this error message. Third-party apps are mostly used for auto likes, DM, comments, etc.
  • Signing in from a Different Device-If you are signing in from a different device that previously used then you might encounter this error. As this too makes Instagram suspicious of the login attempt thereby ending up flashing this error.
  • Exceeded the Rate Limit specified by Instagram- Thirdly if you have exceeded the Rate Limit specified by Instagram then you may encounter this error problem. Instagram has confined the hourly or daily manual action to a certain rate limit. If one exceeds this limit the Instagram app ends up popping this error.

So above are a few major causes occurring such errors on Instagram. Now as you are aware of the causes you can easily be able to deal with the situation in no time with the least effort.

How To Fix “Checkpoint Required” In Instagram?

Method 1: Validate Yourself As A User

The first thing you have to try to get rid of the error problem is to validate yourself as a user. When Instagram fails to validate you as a user it ends up giving you a “checkpoint required” error on Instagram.

Hereby validating yourself as a user will let you out of this problem thereby having access to your Instagram account. Follow the below-guided instructions to do so:

  • Firstly browse for Instagram on your Android device.
  • Then sign in to your account.

how to fix checkpoint required in Instagram

  • Once signed in, a notification will pop up asking for approval for a login attempt made from a different location or device.
  • Here, verify yourself by tapping on the option saying “It was me”.

it was me

Once completed with the above process, you can now have access to your Instagram account.

Method 2: Temporary Deactivating Your Instagram Account

Another potential solution you can try to fix the problem is by temporarily disabling your Instagram account. You can do this with mentioned below steps:

  • Sign in to your Instagram account on the system.
  • Next, go for the Profile icon on the home page.

Profile icon

  • Then tap on the “Edit Profile” button.

Edit Profile

  • Now on the appeared page, scroll downward and select the blue text stating “Temporarily disable my account”.

Temporary Disable Account

  • After that click on the “Just need a break option” when asked for the reason for disabling.
  • Next type your password and tap on “Temporary Disable Account”.

checkpoint required error on Instagram

  • Once disabled wait for 3-4 hours and again reactivate your Instagram account to check for the “checkpoint required” error.

Method 3: Try Logging in From a Previously Used Device

If none of the above methods works for you then try signing in from the same device that you used earlier to log in. As it is already discussed earlier that distinction in the device might also make Instagram suspicious thereby restricting the user from having access to the account.

So the situation can be handled simply by logging in from the same device that you have used earlier to access your Instagram account.

Method 4: Avoid Using Unauthorized or Third-Party Applications

In most cases, it has been found that using unauthorized or third-party applications might end up giving you such an error. Hereby it is suggested not to make use of those applications. Moreover, using unauthorized apps can make Instagram doubtful of you which might later result in deleting or banning your account on Instagram.

Method 5: Reinstall the Instagram App

Lastly, if applying the above fixes won’t get you out of the problem, try uninstalling the app and then reinstalling it back again to get past the error. Reinstalling the app will not only get you out of this error problem but also fixes certain other issues on apps like Instagram keeps crashing, Instagram couldn’t refresh feed on Android etc.

For this, you just need to follow the quick below steps:

  • First, go to your device Settings.


  • Then choose Apps>Instagram.
  • Next, tap on Uninstall and wait for the installation to get completed.


  • Now, restart your device and reinstall the Instagram app from Google Play Store.
  • Once reinstalled, log into your account and verify the error problem.


What’s a checkpoint on Instagram?

Checkpoint on Instagram is a security measure that is taken to avoid unusual logins. When someone makes an unusual login attempt, Instagram ends up popping this verification screen. Here, the user needs to validate themselves as a user to have access to their account. Moreover, if you are a regular Instagram user then you might have faced this error once in a while.

How long is my Instagram temporarily disabled?

Temporarily disabling the Instagram account is the option provided to users that can be opted anytime and for any time duration. The time duration for temporary disable is totally up to you. You can disable it for as long as you desire and enable it back anytime you want.

How to fix “checkpoint required” on Instagram?

You can fix the “checkpoint required” error on Instagram just by following below steps:

  • Wait until the error message disappears.
  • Uninstall the Instagram app and reinstall it back again.
  • Try switching from mobile data to Wi-Fi or vice versa.

Final Verdict

Well, the error cannot be considered a problem as it is more concerned with security purposes. However, sometimes the error appears to be irritating as it appears more frequently with distinction in geographical location or device.

Hereby you can easily get out the Instagram “checkpoint required” error with the above mentioned potential solutions. I hope, the blog served you well thereby letting you have access to your Instagram account.

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