7 Fixes for Pokemon Go Error Finding Match

Pokemon Go “error finding match” is encountered by players when attempting to engage in battle with another player. This indicates that the game is unsuccessful in connecting you with the opponent player.

Pokemon Go Error Finding Match

So, if you have also encountered this error and have been prevented from participating in the exciting battle, here is a helpful guide for you.

Read the entire post carefully to know why such an error occurs and how to deal with it in no time to enjoy the battle saga.

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Why Do You Get “Error Finding Match” in Pokemon Go?

There can be various reasons that lead you to such errors in Pokemon Go. Here are some potential causes listed below:

  • Slow or poor internet connection
  • Server downtime or outages
  • An issue with the device’s location or GPS feature
  • Outdated game app
  • Corrupt cache data on the app

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How to Fix Pokemon Go Error Finding Match?

The section includes a bunch of workarounds to let you resolve the error and join the amazing battle by connecting to the opponent.

Solution 1: Use Stable and Strong Internet

Pokemon Go relies on the strong internet for real-time battles. So, if you are connected to slow on an unstable internet, you are going to face an error finding match in Pokemon Go.

So, ensure to use strong and stable internet to enjoy quick and interruption-free matchmaking with the opponent player.

Try checking the internet speed through SpeedTest before attempting to find a match. If you find it slow, follow the instructions to troubleshoot the internet problem.

  • Switch to the Wi-Fi network, if mobile data is not stable.
  • Troubleshoot slow internet on your phone by turning on and off airplane mode.
  • Try placing the client device nearer to the source device.
  • Stabilize the internet by powering off and on the router.
  • Use a wired connection instead of a wireless one.

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Solution 2: Check Pokemon Go Server

Occasionally, Pokemon Go server face technical issues or high traffic, triggering matchmaking errors. In such case, before attempting to go for more advanced troubleshooting, check the server once.

You can visit Downdetector to check for the server-related issues. If found currently under maintenance, wait until the server issues are addressed.

Solution 3: Ensure the GPS and Location Work Fine

Pokémon GO relies on your device’s GPS data to determine your location and connect you accordingly with the opponent. So, if your device’s GPS signal not found or your location is not detected accurately, it fails to find a match.

Here, make sure that the GPS settings are accurate, the location feature is enabled and the same permission is granted to Pokemon Go.

Follow the steps below:

  • Access the Shortcut menu by scrolling the Home screen from the very top to the middle.
  • Now, check If the Location icon is turned on. If not, tap on it to enable it.
  • Then, go to Settings, and navigate to the Apps section.

error finding match Pokemon Go

  • Select the Pokemon Go app and click on Permissions.
  • Here, check if Location is allowed in the app.

error finding match Pokemon Go

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Solution 4: Try Finding Match After Some Time

Find a match timing can also be a factor that triggers an “error finding match” in Pokemon Go. If you are attempting to begin a battle during a peak time, it leads to matchmaking errors.

Try playing the game or entering battle during non-peak hours to reduce the chances of encountering such errors.

Solution 5: Check Your Pokémon’s Combat Power

The Pokemon game has specific rules & restrictions for different leagues (Ultra League, Master League, and Great League), including maximum CP limits for the participating Pokémon.

If the selected Pokémon exceeds these limits, you might have difficulty finding a match in that league. In such a case, check the CP of your selected Pokémon before finding a match to ensure they meet the league’s requirements.

Solution 6: Clear Cache Data of Pokemon Go

Corrupt cache data on the app may sometimes mess with it and hence cause matchmaking errors. So, make sure to clear the accumulated overtime caches on the app to fix the error in real time and avoid the same in the near future.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Visit the Android Settings app and head to the Apps category.
  • Then, navigate to the Pokemon Go app and choose Storage usage.

error finding match in Pokemon Go

  • Click on the Clear Cache>>Clear Data options.

error finding match in Pokemon Go

Solution 7: Update the Pokemon Go App

Outdated game versions may have compatibility problems, leading to error finding match Pokemon Go. Ensure that you are using the latest version of the game to tackle such error issues.

Below are the steps to do so:

  • Open the Play Store app on your phone.
  • Then, tap on the Profile icon and head to Manage apps and devices.

error finding match in Pokemon Go

  • Go to the Updates available section and check for the app update.

error finding match in Pokemon Go

  • If an update is available for Pokemon Go, hit the Update button.error finding match in Pokemon Go

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I hope the workarounds above have helped you resolve the Pokemon Go error finding match. But, in case, you are still stuck with the same error, try contacting Pokemon Go support for any account-related issues such as bans or restrictions.

Also, you can connect to us on Twitter or Facebook for any further queries or doubts.