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  • Easily recover all your data from Android Tablet that you might have lost or deleted intentionally or unintentionally
  • Recovers all deleted and lost data like pictures, videos, music files, apps etc. in a safe and secure location.
  • Easy to Restore (3 Steps): Connect>Scan>Recover.

Tablet PC is not a new thing, they have been invented and around for about 20 years, but they are not very popular until Apple has launched iPad in April 2010. With the release of iPad this product category has caught fire in the public immediately and soon become the favorites of many. And why shouldn't they be? It is just ultimate in electronic simplicity. It is highly portable along with some built-in controls except for a flat touch-screen interface, it is easy to use and most importantly it is really very attractive.

Competition for iPad doesn't took long to come as Google has already released its open-source operating system 'Android' by then and it is really very easy to scale table PC's with Android operating system. Soon many manufacturers have come up with their tablets having Android as their operating system. The first among them was Motorola who has released its first Android tablet 'Xoom' in February 2011. There after Samsung, Sony, Lenovo, Blackberry, Dell and many other firms have launched their tablets with Android as their OS. As number of Android tablet options were growing, more and more people are buying this affordable gadget for their personal and professional use and soon Android tablet's hold good market share in this category.

But with increased use of Android tablet, the data loss cases were also started to mount for most of the users and they suffer a lot due to this. With such impressive features and functionalities, people love to store their favorite music, apps, videos, documents, photos, mails etc. to their tablet so that they can access them anytime, but at times they found that data inaccessible which is really very heartbreaking. Some of the mails or songs might have been very crucial from user's point of view but you can't do anything once your data have been lost. So, in order to get rid of such situations and to access your lost, deleted or inaccessible data you need to use Android Tablet Recovery which is really an amazing stuff. This software will help you to recover all your data from Android Tablet that you might have lost or deleted intentionally or unintentionally. Just download and launch this software and leave rest to it. This software will scan and effectively recover all kind of data at the designated place. So, without thinking much, just download Android Tablet Data Recovery software and recover all your Android tablet stuffs in a safe and secure place.

Data Loss Scenarios in Android Tablets

Android Internal Memory Recovery

Android Internal Memory

No need to mount Android internal memory as a drive, directly scan your device and recover deleted or lost data.

Android SD Card Recovery

Phone SD Card

Connect a micro SD card via your Android device or a card reader, scan and restore your lost photos, documents, emails, etc.

Supported Recoverable Files

Restore Contacts

Retrieve Contacts like email, Job title, name etc and export as VCF/CSV/HTML.

SMS Messages

Recover Content, Phone number and sending detail of SMS (Messages) in CSV/XML/HTML.

Photo Recovery

Recovers deleted or lost photos from Android devices on any Windows/Mac system.

Whatsapp Recovery

WhatsApp contents, attachment(photos, MMS) and stored as CSV/XML/HTML formats.

Document Recovery

Restore documents in DOC/XLS/PPT/PDF /HTML/ZIP/RAR formats.

Video Recovery

Videos of MP4/3GP/AVI/WMV /FLV/RMVB/M4V/MOV format.

Audio Recovery

Recover audio file format includes MP3, MIDI, WAV, RA, AIFF, OGG, M4A, RM etc.

Call History

Recover Call Log including names, phone numbers, call types and durations.

Common scenarios to recover lost data

Accidental Deletion

Android System Crash

SD Card Error

Forgotten Pattern, PIN or Password

ROM Flashing and Data Loss

Factory Reset

Android OS Update without Backup

Frozen Android Device, No Response

Android Root Failed

Android OS Update

Cannot Restore from Backup

Broken Device

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