Fix Micro SD Card Issues of Android

Our Android phone is a device which has taken important place in our life. It is used for capturing precious moments and recording important moments etc.

When we are talking about Android device then micro SD cards are also should be included because many users use SD card to increase storage space on their device.

Several people want to click more photos and videos but they lack due to insufficient storage problem. So using SD card, one can make more space and store every data they want.

But you have to also consider that problems frequently occurs in SD card which can make your data loss from device and you might don’t know about it.

In fact, the problem that occurs in SD cards can be because of improper use, the SD card might be fake, formatting the SD card or several others.

So now, what is the solution? How it will be possible to fix the micro SD card issues on Android devices?

Well, you don’t have to worry much as I am going to suggest you some of the best ways to fix issues on your SD card.

So let us look at them one by one.

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Checking the issues

The problem which we are discussing, this will encounter you too so if you are facing this then go to MENU–>FILE MANAGER–> PHONE–>MEMORY CARD.

But the main problem create from here where memory card will not be able to display on your android phone screen.

Now what you have to do is, take out the android phone’s battery and then take out the inserted memory card from your android phones.

Then switch on your phone, and then again go to the previous step but if it not shows then what to do?

Take out the card from your android phone and insert your memory card to any device you like and connect it to your PC and open “MY COMPUTER” section then select your card right-click on the card and after it open “PROPERTIES” click it and format it.

This might solve the issue now that you are facing.

Check whether computer is able to surf the card or not

Keeping in mind that if your android phone memory card which is inserted into card readers is directly connected to PC.

If you have connected the card to an external hub, your PC may not be able to access the card of your android phone.

So connect it directly to your PC and access it as same as followed.

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Check whether Write Protected error message is on or off

Check it out that the WRITE PROTECTED ERROR MESSAGE is off. Similar to all other cards which users use in their android phones.

If you have observed that “WRITE PROTECTED ERROR MESSAGE” is on then switch it off and then insert your card to your android phone.

Clean your SD card properly

Whenever you face problems on your SD card then try to clean it but recommended to do it lightly. First, remove the SD card and after that rub the copper piece with rubber eraser. If required then you can clean the SD card slot on your device.

Doing this will remove the dirt from SD card and don’t forget, all these things will be done very lightly to avoid further damage.

Do unmount and remount SD card

You can try other methods as well to get rid of SD card issues. For that, go to Settings > Storage > find SD card section. There you can see “Mount SD card” or “Unmount SD card” option. You can do these changes to see whether the problem is solved or not.

In fact, this solution has been already proved to solve several SD card problems. Also ensure your device is not connected to PC while the process.

Run CHKDSK to fix SD card errors

Another solution to solve errors on SD card is by running CHKDSK. Though it may not work 100% to fix the problem but giving a try will not lose anything.

To perform it, first connect your card to computer using card reader. Then tap on Start > All Programs > Accessories > Command prompt.

There you have to enter chkdsk ]sd card drive letter]:/r. Doing this will scan the device and will fix every SD card errors.

Factory reset Android phone

At last, when you don’t get any way to fix SD card issues then doing factory reset can solve the issue. Many times SD card shows error due to software problems.

So to do factory reset, first go to Settings > Backup and reset and after that select Factory data reset. Also ensure you know all the passwords of your Google account and your devices in case if factory reset protection lock.

And don’t forget to make backup of all your essential data first before doing factory reset.

How to recover lost data from Micro SD card

Loss of data from your android memory card can be cause through any person or any digital device. If anyone is facing this problem in your android device cards you can access to android card recovery software to restore it.

Using Android SD Card Data Recovery software will help you to recover lost data from SD card. This is one of the best way to deal with data loss from SD card. Using this tool will help you to recover any data from corrupt or damaged SD card.

Similar problem happen in our daily life related to your android phone cards. These four will help you next time if problem occurs again.


Steps to get back lost data from SD card

Step 1: Connect your microSD card via Android phone or card reader

First of all launch Android Data Recovery and select “Recover” option from the available options and then select “Recover from SD card”.

And then connect your memory card with the help of Android device or a card reader. After this click on “Next” to continue.

This program will detect your SD card and after it you will see the window as given below. Choose your SD card and click 'Next' to continue.

Step 2: Choose a scan mode to scan your SD card

There are two scanning modes are available, first is 'Standard' and the second one is 'Advance'

Read the given description below the both options and select one from 'Standard Mode' and 'Advanced Mode' according to your requirement.

After selecting the recovery mode, click on the 'Next' to initiate the analyzing and scanning your SD card.

Step 3: Preview and Restore Data from your SD Card Selectively

It will scan your SD card and after the completion of scanning process, all the recoverable files will be displayed according to their categories. From the left sidebar, you can click on different data types to display the related files. You can check or un-check the files and then click 'Recover' to start the data recovery process.


Well many of them use SD card to increase the storage space but somewhere they lose those stored data when the SD card gets damaged or corrupt or some other problem. However, you should know what is the problem on your SD card and should solve the problem.

I have discussed some of the ways to solve SD card issues and hope those steps will help you to get rid of the problem.

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How to Fix Micro SD Card Issues of Android
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