6 Ways to Fix Apex Legends Mobile Error Code 561!

Are you encountering Apex Legends Mobile error code 561 while launching the game? If Yes, then stop worrying as we have this blog covered up for you with potential solutions to tackle such error problems on Apex Legends Mobile.

The error 561 occurs on Apex Legends Mobile with a message referring to “You are not licensed to play. To join the game, you will need to download and install the app from Google Play. Error Code: 561”. This further restricts the users on the very first entrance of the game thereby not allowing them to play the game. Therefore, the scenario requires a quick resolution.

So, if you are one of the victims facing the same error issue then keep reading this article to know the possible causes triggering such errors along with their effective resolutions.

What Causes Apex Legends Mobile Error Code 561 to Occur?

  • Internet connection issue– Internet connection was found to be the main culprit behind this error. If your network connection is slow or unstable then this error message appears on your screen while launching the game.
  • Server problem- Server issue is also one of the major reasons causing such error occurrence on your Apex Legends Mobile game. If the Apex Legends Mobile server is running through downtime or outage then you may encounter this error.
  • Playing from a restricted region- Another major reason is playing the game from a restricted region. If you are trying to launch the game from an unsupported region then you may encounter various error problems such as Apex Legends Mobile Not Available in Your Region, Apex Legends Mobile Error Code 291, and Apex Legends Mobile error code 561 on Android is one of them.
  • Downloaded app from the unofficial source- If you haven’t downloaded the app from the official website of Apex Legends Mobile or Play Store then you might get troubled with the error code 561.
  • Using incapable VPN service- Sometimes using incapable VPNs might get you connected with restricted regions that further land you in such error troubles.

So these are a few reasons that trigger error code 561 on Apex Legends Mobile. Now as you are aware of the error source, you’ll be easily able to get past the error issue in no time.

How to Fix Apex Legends Mobile Error Code 561?

Solution 1: Check for Your Network Connection

Network connection might trouble you with such an error on Apex legends Mobile. Hereby it is advised to check your network connection first. You can check your network-related information on the Speedtest app or website.

Apex Legends Mobile error code 561 on Android

If found slow or unstable, try to stabilize it through mentioned ways:

  • If using a mobile network, then stabilize the data by turning off and on flight mode or mobile data.
  • If you are on a Wi-Fi network, then place the source device nearer to the device to which you are supplying the internet.
  • Switch to the wired connection instead of a wireless one as a wired connection serves more stable and fast internet as compared to the wireless connection.

Solution 2: Check for the Apex Legends Mobile Server

It was already discussed above that the server issue is the main culprit causing error code 561 to appear on Apex Legends Mobile. Therefore, the second thing you need to check is the Apex Legends Mobile server, for which you have to visit apexlegendsstatus.com. If found culprit then the best solution you can apply here is to wait for the servers to get fixed with its issues.

fix Apex Legends Mobile error code 561

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Solution 3: Relaunch the Game App

Sometimes app’s internal issues might flash you such an error on Apex Legends Mobile. Hereby it is suggested to relaunch the app once to get rid of internal problems on the app. For this, you need to follow the simple guidelines mentioned below:

  • Go to the Apex Legends Mobile app icon on the Android’s home screen.
  • Long press the game icon and select App info.
  • Next, click on the Force stop.

fix Apex Legends Mobile error code 561

  • Now visit the app icon again and click on it to relaunch.

Solution 4: Download the Updated Version from the Official Source

Another potential solution you can apply to get rid of this error by downloading the updated version of the game from the official app. If you are using an outdated app or downloaded the app from an unofficial source then you may get into this error problem.

Follow the steps guide below to update your app to the latest version:

Google Play Store app

  • Click on the Profile.
  • Next, go for the Manage apps & games.

Manage apps & devices

  • Look for the Apex Legends Mobile app.
  • Lastly, hit the Update button and wait for the app to update.

fix Apex Legends Mobile error code 561

Once updated, open the app and check for the error code 561. Also, you can download the latest version of the app from the official website of Apex Legends Mobile.

Solution 5: Use a Secured VPN

As the game has a limited launch and has not been launched worldwide yet, users may face such errors when trying to play from unsupported regions.  The regions with this game available are Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Mexico, Peru, Argentina, and Colombia.

Therefore, it is advised to use secured VPNs to connect to the allowed regions. However, at most times, unsecured or free VPNs connect to the restricted region server which might further end up occurring such error issues on Apex Legends Mobile. However, it is suggested to use ExpressVPN to get past the error.

Once installed, use a VPN on Android to connect to the allowed regions and enjoy playing your game without any error interruptions.

Use a Secured VPN

Solution 6: Reinstall the Apex Legends Mobile

Sometimes corrupted installation might trouble you with such errors on Apex Legends Mobile.  Hereby, try dealing with such a scenario by uninstalling the app and then installing it back again. For reinstallation of the Apex Legends Mobile app, follow the instructions below:

  • Visit the Apex Legends Mobile app icon on your Android’s home screen.
  • Then, select Uninstall option and click on Uninstall for final confirmation.

fix Apex Legends Mobile error code 561

  • Once the app is successfully uninstalled, visit the Play Store and reinstall the app from there.


Well, the error seems quite frustrating to the players as it won’t let them enter the game thereby restricting them at the entrance only. However, the error is standard and doesn’t require any tricky troubleshooting.

So, we have prepared this blog which covers the simple methods which can easily let you out of this error issue. I hope, the blog justifies its content thereby letting you play the game without further interruptions by solving Apex Legends Mobile error code 561.

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