Android SD Card Recovery: Recover Deleted Files from SD Card

Android SD Card Recovery

Today most Android phones come with larger internal storage. But if you still have used an SD card to store your important data or files and due to some reason lost data on it, without worry keep reading this article.

Here, you are going to learn the best ways of Android SD Card Recovery along with the best SD card data recovery software.

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OnePlus Data Recovery – Recover Deleted Data From OnePlus Phone

Recover Deleted Data From OnePlus Phone

Have you lost your essential data on a OnePlus phone and now wondering how to recover them? If Yes, stop worrying. Here, in this post, we have covered the best methods for OnePlus data recovery both with and without backup.

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How to Recover Deleted Data from Android Without Root?


Recovering deleted data from Android phone is quite an easy task as there are many applications available that can be used. But you need to root your mobile first. Since there is a risk of rooting your device, you must be eager to know how to recover deleted data from Android without root.

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How To Recover Viber Deleted Messages? (Complete Guide)

how to restore Viber messages

Have you accidentally deleted your Viber messages and now thinking about how to recover those chats? If your answer is Yes, get an answer to this question through this blog.

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How to Recover Deleted Videos from Android Phone or Tablet?

Android Video Recovery

Did you accidently deleted important videos from your Android phone and now want them back? If you answer is “Yes“, then don’t worry, not all your hope is lost. There are few ways using which you can recover deleted videos from Android phone.

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Android Music Recovery- Restore Deleted Songs/Audios on Android

How To Recover Lost Music Files From Android

Science has proven that music/song stimulates enzymes that have a positive effect on your mood. And you might have a music playlist on your Android phone that you love to hear throughout the day. However, it is just as annoying to lose your songs by mistake. Thus, if you’ve accidentally lost your important music/song/audio, read out this write-up carefully. Here, you will find a few effective ways for Android music recovery.

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4 Best Ways to Restore Contacts on Android

how to restore deleted contacts on Android

Contacts are the most important piece of data on your phone. However it is quite easy to lose them either tapping the phone incautiously or due to various other reasons such as factory reset, Android update etc.

So today in this blog, we have covered all the methods by which you can easily restore contacts Android and use them again without any hassle.

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How to Fix My Gallery Pictures Disappear from Android (2023)

Recover Disappeared Photos & Videos from Android Gallery

Imagine that you open your Android phone’s gallery & find that all your cherished pictures are disappeared! The situation gets even worst if you don’t know why my photos disappeared from gallery Android. Although, the issue is quite common among Android device users & can be fixed easily. In this write-up, we will discuss a few feasible ways to handle my gallery pictures disappear Android issue successfully.

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How to Get Pictures Off a Broken Phone? (Complete Guide)

how to recover photos from broken screen Android

Phone dropping is a common scenario that everyone faces once in a while. But the problem occurs when its screen got damaged and becomes unresponsive.

Well, if you are in such a situation and want to get your photos off that broken phone, do not worry. Today, in this article we are going to talk about how to deal with such a scenario and how to get pictures off a broken phone.

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