[Solved]- Blurry Pictures & Videos On Android: How To Fix?

Are you worried of blurry pictures and videos captured from your Android phone?

Looking how they can be unblur or how they can be fixed?

If your answer is Yes, then you should proceed further reading this blog completely.

Those days are gone when phone was only used for calling purpose. Nowadays, phone can be used for multiple tasks as it has rear and front facing camera to shoot videos and click pictures.

Also a vast space where all those data can be stored without any tension of storing the clicked pictures and videos.

But sometimes while taking photos and videos, some pictures are captured blurred and this end up very disappointment between users.

At that time, how to fix blurry pictures and videos on Android comes in mind?

But you don’t have to worry much as this blog will help you completely to get rid of such problem. But before going to the fixes, let us know what some of the common reasons for coming across blurry pictures and videos.

Reasons For Blurry Pictures And Videos On Android

Blurry videos or photos can be due to several reasons that you are going to see below.

  • Not properly holding the camera
  • Focus is not done properly on the object
  • Taking pictures/videos continuously without a gap
  • Due to dirty lens or sometimes dust gets settled on camera lens
  • Because of movements while clicking pictures or capturing videos

Is It Possible To Fix Blurry Photos/Videos On Android?

Yes, the blurry photos and videos can be fixed on Android.

Though its impossible to go back again and click those moments or record the videos but you have some solutions that can help from this unwanted situation.

Whatever fixes are available, they might not be perfect or permanent but can help you when pictures gets blurred due to camera shake or other reasons.

How To Fix Blurry Pictures And Videos On Android?

Now here comes a very important part where users want to how to fix a blurry videos on Android or how to fix a blurry picture on Android?

So without wasting any time, let us move ahead and check out the fixes for blurry pictures/videos on Android. It may be the problem of camera that is clicking blurry images or recording blurry videos.

So whatever the case I, let us find out the solutions by going through them one by one:

Solution 1: Restart the Device

Restarting your Android phone can often solve many small glitches that comes unexpectedly. So whenever you face any kind of problem, once restart your phone.

Though it’s not easy to identify the actual cause but restarting the device can sometimes fix the issue.

After restarting, if the same error continues then follow next solution.

Solution 2: Force Stop Camera App

You can also force-stop the camera app on your phone. This can also help you to sort out the problem you are coming across.

To force-stop the app, follow the below steps:

  • First, go to Settings on your phone
  • Then click on Apps > Application Manager
  • Now swipe to left screen unless you get All tab option
  • Here search for Camera app and click on it
  • Then click on Force Stop to close the application

That’s it.

Now open the camera app and then see if the blurry image or videos are continued or is fixed.

Solution 3: Boot Your Device In Safe Mode

If the problem is with camera then try to boot your device in safe mode. May be doing this can solve the issue you are coming across.

  • First, press and hold Power key
  • After doing this, you will get Power options
  • Then press and hold Power Off option from menu
  • Don’t leave the option unless a popup box appears
  • Here you will get an option, “Reboot in safe mode
  • Simply click on OK

Solution 4: Install Third Party Camera App

You can also install any third party camera app and check whether the same problem is occurring or not. Simply go to Google Play Store and search for any camera app.

You will get lots of them, click on anyone and install it. Now check if this camera app is clicking blurry pictures or videos.

Remember that this is only an alternative option so that you can capture beautiful moments without any kind of issue but not a permanent solution.

Solution 5: Tap On Phone’s Camera

After trying all the above solutions, if you still face the same problem then another simplest one you can try and that is tapping the camera on phone.

Simply turn your phone and firm tap phone’s camera with finger. Doing this help the camera snap back to focus.

This has a high chance to fix such problem on phone. Otherwise you can also shake the phone or even tap it against palm.

So these are some of the best ways to fix blurry pictures and videos on Android phone.

Best Apps To Fix Blurry Pictures And Videos On Android

Apart from the above mentioned fixes, there are several apps that can help you on how to make a blurry video clear on Android or how to fix blurry picture on Android.

  1. Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express is one of the popular photo editing tools that is very complex used to fix blurry images on Android. It has plenty of features that help users to do anything with the photo.

This is easy to use for intermediate and advanced users and has standard industry for picture manipulation.

Though there are some disadvantages as well of this app but all in whole, this tool can be used for editing photos in any situation.

You can check out Adobe’s support page to get the steps that will help you fix blurry images on Android.

  1. Fix Photo Blur

Fix Photo Blur is yet another powerful and useful editing tool that makes your blurry images unblur. This is the exact solution that does the job as its name suggest.

It has a “Fix Blur” option that restore blurred pictures using slider button beside text. It allows you to adjust the blur intensity.

Not only it fixes blurry images but also helpful to remove Gaussian and chroma noise from blurry pictures.  This is the best app for editing blurry photos on Android.

You can see the progress of edited image in the window by clicking view button and can compare the difference.

  1. GIMP

GIMP is an excellent tool that helps to edit image of any quality especially when your photo is blur. It’s very powerful and useful without any extra effort and this tool is free to use.

It has lots of features but when compared to Photoshop, it’s not that much popular but can do your work effectively.

It easily unblur your photos without any difficulty. And can be very helpful when your important pictures are blurred.

  1. AfterFocus

Another powerful and excellent app that comes in the list is AfterFocus that can remove blur images on Android. No matter for whatever reason the pictures were blurred, using this tool removes the blurry effect.

It has a simple user-interface and can be used by fingertips to edit any picture. Several focus options are available with this app like Background Blur effect, smart focus area selection etc.

Also this app has easy share feature that allows sharing pictures via emails and social media app and is considered as the best feature to unblur photos.

  1. Blurity

Blurity is yet one of the photo editing tool that helps to fix blurry pictures free. This tool uses military grade “blind deconvulation” technique to unblur photos and texts.

It’s easy to use, install and then launch it to fix blurry images on Android.

To know how to use this app, check out the video below:

  1. Snapseed

Snapseed is quite popular app for photo editing with several options for Android users. Using its variety of options, you can make the image perfect.

It has Details feature that helps to remove blur from photos, can adjust slider to increase sharpness from sharpening option and has other options as well.

Even you can adjust structure and contrast as per your choice by selecting the part using Selective Tool and then move to point of your choice to increase the quality.

This app is also known as best app for editing blurry photos and loved by numerous Android users as it gives professional quality of the image.

How To Prevent Blurry Videos On Android

Here I am going to give you some preventive ideas that will help you to capture blurry videos in future. Let’s check out how:

  • First, find and open Camera app on your phone
  • Then open Settings from camera app after which a small window appears, select video option from top menu
  • Here ensure your video quality is good or best because when video quality is low then it can record blurred videos. So click on Video Quality and select highest resolution you have.
  • After that, find Picture Stabilization and ensure it is disabled. If not, then move slider to turn it off.

Alternative Option: How To Recover Deleted Photos/Videos From Android?

This is somewhere out of topic but an important part that will help you in case your important photos or videos are lost from Android phone. There may occur such incident where your essential pictures or videos are wiped away.

In such situation, you don’t have to worry because Android Data Recovery is available for you. This is a professional tool that helps to restore disappeared photos and videos from Android phones without need of backup.

It’s an easy to use that helps to retrieve any kind of missing files or data from Android phone. It supports every Android brands and works on all OS including the latest Android 10.


Note: It is recommended to download and use the software on your PC or laptop. It is because recovery of phone data on the phone itself is risky as you may end up losing all your data because of data overriding.


So I hope whatever discussed in this blog will help you to fix blurry pictures and videos on Android. Do remember few things that the quality of picture and videos depends on you on how you capture them. Whether, you have done the settings properly or not.

Check the camera is properly focused or not before you shoot video or click pictures. May be some devices have this problem but you should identify the issue first.