Fix Vertical & Horizontal Lines on Phone Screen with 3 DIY Solutions

The appearance of horizontal and vertical lines on phone screen can be frustrating. Well, worry not! We’ve got you covered. In this detailed guide, we’ll walk you through the effective ways to fix this issue and get your phone screen back to normal in no time.

lines on phone screen

Let’s get started…

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What Causes Vertical & Horizontal Lines on Phone Screen?

Physical Damage: Hardware damage is the major reason that causes such problems with phone screens. The screen abnormalities appear when you drop your phone from a height or expose it to water.

Overheating: Exposure to extreme temperatures can also lead to such problems. If you are using your phone for a longer duration while charging, playing heavy games, or using too many apps, it can cause lines on phone screen.

Loose Connections: Loose display cable connections can also be responsible for causing connectivity issues, ending up showing white or green lines on the phone screen.

Software Glitches: Software conflicts or bugs can sometimes manifest as white or black lines on the phone screen.

How to Fix Lines on Phone Screen (Vertical & Horizontal)?

#1 Restart the Phone

Rebooting your phone is often the easiest and the quickest solution to fix the minor software glitches, that cause horizontal and vertical lines on your phone screen.

So, restart your phone to fix vertical lines on phone screen. Here’s how to do it:

  • Press the Power button for a second until you see the menu.
  • Then, click on the Reboot or Restart option.

fix horizontal lines on phone screen

  • When your phone is powered on, check if the problem of unusual lines on your phone screen has disappeared.

This method proves effective when software glitches or conflicting background processes cause display abnormalities.

#2 Push the Screen Firmly

Generally, when your phone drops from a height then there is a possibility that LCD might have disconnected from the logic board. If this happens, try to push the screen gently just to re-establish the connection.

You can do it by yourself by simply placing one finger on the screen and another one on the device and then pressing the screen gently from all sides. You should be careful not to press hard as it can break the device.

fix white lines on phone screen

If everything is placed properly on your phone, it can fix rainbow lines on phone screen.

#3 Inspect for Physical Damage & Visit the Service Centre

Inspect your Android phone for signs of physical damage such as cracks or water ingress. If any is detected, seeking professional repair service is necessary to diagnose and fix horizontal lines on phone screen.

Visit the nearest service center or phone repair shops for further assistance. The technicians have the specialized tools and expertise to address such problems.

Whether it’s faulty connectors, a damaged display, or any other internal issues, they can provide you with accurate assistance to restore your phone’s functionality.

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Note: It is recommended to download and use the software on your PC or laptop only.

Does Warranty Covers Horizontal & Vertical Lines Issues?

Vertical or horizontal lines on the phone screen are generally caused due to physical damage or the user’s negligence. In such a case, the problem is not covered under the warranty.

The warranty doesn’t cover physical damages, so even if your device is a new purchase and is under a standard warranty, you’ll be charged an amount to get this problem fixed.

But, if you get this problem within the warranty period due to a manufacturing defect, it may be included in the warranty.


Can I fix vertical and horizontal lines on my phone screen myself?

Yes, if the lines on your phone screen is occurred due to a minor glitch, you can easily fix this problem by yourself. In this guide we’ve covered some ways that you can try to resolve the problem before approaching for professional help.

How much does it cost to fix green lines on the phone screen?

Well, this depends on the problem severity, phone brand, and others. It is suggested to go with DIY solutions at first to resolve the issue. As sometimes such problems are a result of a minor glitch that can be addressed with simple troubleshooting solutions.

Can software updates fix issues related to vertical and horizontal lines?

No, software updates have nothing to do with such issues on the phone screen. However, it is suggested to keep updated with the available latest software version to avoid various problems on your phone that arise due to software glitches or incompatibility.


Unusual lines on phone screen can be alarming and need to be addressed ASAP to avoid further damage or problems on your device.

This guide has covered 3 DIY expert solutions to get your phone screen back to normal state. Just follow the instructions and fix vertical or horizontal lines on phone screen.