7 Ways To Fix Horizontal Lines On Android Phone Screen

Have you recently noticed horizontal lines on Android phone screen? Concerned about how to fix horizontal lines on phone screen? If it is so, then you’re not alone.

The horizontal lines problem is almost similar to vertical lines on Android which can occur in any Android device. So, just go through this post and learn 7 fixes that will definitely help you to get rid of horizontal lines on Android screen without any trouble.

You can fix horizontal lines on Android screen by rebooting the phone, restart in safe mode, perform a factory reset and use the expert Android Repair Tool.

While going through forums & community websites I found several users are reporting “phone display has horizontal lines” issues especially LG V20 and Galaxy J6, S7 users. So, let see first what one of the users is saying about this issue:

Practical Scenario

Hey all, I was trying to apply some double sided tape to the bottom of my screen because it was coming a bit loose, and stupidly used metal tweezers to do so. The display turned off for a split second, but turned back on so I thought I was good.

But then, I’ve noticed that when I turn on the display, horizontal lines sometimes appear. I don’t have a 100% repo rate; I can get rid of it by turning the display off and on again (might take a few times though).

Any ideas on how I might be able to fix this without buying a new screen? Thank you!

Source from: XDA-developers

To Fix Horizontal Lines On Android Phone Screen, we recommend this tool:

This effective tool can fix Android issues such as boot loop, black screen, bricked Android, etc. in no time. Just follow these 3 easy steps:

  1. Download this Android System Repair tool (for PC only) rated Excellent on Trustpilot.
  2. Launch the program and select brand, name, model, country/region, and carrier & click Next.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions & wait for repair process to complete.

What Causes Horizontal Lines On Phone Screen?

Several reasons can be responsible for horizontal lines on Android phone screens. Thus, below I have listed the major factors that can lead to this issue:

  1. When mobile gets fallen down suddenly
  2. Defective hardware components
  3. If water gets into the phone, it started displaying vertical/horizontal lines.
  4. Android device isn’t fully charged

As you have learned the common scenario behind horizontal lines on phone screen after dropping, now it’ll become an easy task to fix this error.

Scroll down this page and get the best ways to deal with it.

Use Best Tool To Fix Horizontal Lines On Phone Screen

If you want an instant and risk-free way to repair horizontal lines on Android screens, then I would like to suggest you to try Android Repair Tool.

This software is fully feature-loaded and has the ability to deal with several Android-related issues like white screen of death, black screen of death, screen flickering, and many more in a single click.

No matter wherever the reason behind the occurrence of Android phone display has horizontal lines, you must use to program as it’s recommended by the experts also.

Key features of this software:

  • Successfully repair numerous errors and issue on Android in a single click
  • Easy to use program
  • No technical skill is required to operate it.

So, without much delay, simply download & install this software on your device.

Once successfully installed, follow the step-by-step guide of this software & solve how to fix white horizontal lines on phone screen Android immediately.


How Can I Fix Horizontal Lines On Android Phone Screen?

Check out the below techniques and troubleshoot horizontal lines on Vivo and other Android phone screens with ease.

Method 1: Reboot Your Phone

When we encounter any errors or bugs in our smartphones, the first thing that we are attempting to solve the issue is to restart the device.

Therefore, here I would also like to suggest you to reboot your mobile before trying any complicated method. It is one of the basic and stress-free ways that can eventually help you to fix such screen-related glitches on your phone.

Here are the easy steps that you can apply for rebooting your Android:

  • Press & hold a “Power” key until your smartphone’s screen shows, power off, restart, and safe mode options.
  • Tap on the restart & hit on the OK.


If this basic method doesn’t help you to troubleshoot horizontal lines on Samsung phone screen, try further solutions.

Method 2: Ensure Your Mobile Is Fully Charged

Fuly charge your mobile

Most of the Android users have reported that they found this technique helpful in case of solving white vertical and horizontal lines issues.

So, if you are also going through white or green horizontal lines on phone screen, then once fully charge your Android device and see whether the error is solved or not.

However, if the issue persists then try the next solution.

Method 3: Restart Your Android In A Safe Mode

Rebooting the device in a safe mode is another useful way which can help you to deal with Android phone screen has horizontal lines problem.

Do you know why I am recommending you to try this resolution? This is because many times a third-party application can be the culprit behind the occurrence of the issues. So there’s no harm to try this method.

In order to restart your mobile in a safe mode, follow the below easy steps:

  • At first, press & then hold a Power key unless your smartphone fully turned off
  • In the second step, you need to again press a Power key and then enter a Safe Mode
  • Here, you need to click on the OK button. Now, your smartphone will restart in the Safe Mode.

Restart Android Phone In Safe Mode

After finishing these steps if the horizontal lines issue is fixed, it means that third-party applications were the actual culprit behind it.

In such a situation, simply uninstall that suspicious app immediately.

Method 4: Check a Mobile’s Screen & Push It Gently

Check a Mobile’s Screen & Push It Gently

Another useful method that you can try to troubleshoot the horizontal lines is to gently press the screen of your phone and check if it is in its original place or not.

I am recommending this method because most of the time, our smartphones is fallen from the height due to this LCD gets separated from a logic board.

In such a case, it requires to re-establish a connection by gently pushing a LCD display.

Note: Make sure to not press the mobile screen forcefully otherwise there’s a possibility of breaking it.

Method 5: Perform A Factory Reset On Your Phone

Factory Reset is the all-in-one resort that users are often performing to solve the problems which is triggered by an application or software malfunction.

Well, performing a factory reset on Android erases all the settings and personal data stored within the device and makes it like a new one.

Please NoteBefore trying this approach, don’t forget to create a backup of your essential files like pictures, videos, chats, music, etc before following this process.

By following the below instructions, you can easily do so:

  • First of all, open the Settings then go to System
  • Next, tap on the Backup & Reset >> Factory reset
  • Here, you need to click on the Reset Device
  • At this time, enter the PIN or password that you are using on your lock screen to make it unlock >> Hit Next.
  • Now, you will be prompted to confirm & click on the Erase all the data/Delete all option.

Erase All the Data

Method 6: Visit Nearby Repair Center To Solve Horizontal Lines On Android Phone Screen

Even after performing a factory reset if the Android phone screen has horizontal lines problem persist, the last resort left for you that is to visit a repair center.

It might possible that due to the faulty/defective hardware component you are facing the problem. Therefore, it should be fixed as soon as possible.

Let me tell you that hardware issues can be only repaired by the experts. Here, I would like to suggest you to take your Android phone to a certified service center. They will solve the hardware problem at a reasonable price.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

Can Vertical Lines On Phone Be Fixed?

Unfortunately, I don’t have a straightforward answer to this question. However, if you’re lucky enough then you can find the resolution to solve this problem. But before trying any tricky method to fix horizontal lines on Android screen, you must restart your device once. After doing so, see if the problem is fixed or not. If not, then you can go for Android Repair Tool mentioned in this post.

How Does A Vertical Line Look Like?

A vertical line on Android is a line which seems parallel to the y-axis & goes straight up and down, in the coordinate plane. Whereas the horizontal line is parallel to the x-axis & goes straight, left and right.

How Do I Get Rid Of Lines On My Phone’s Screen?

You can get rid of lines on phone’s screen issue by trying the basic solution listed below:

  • Restart your Android phone.
  • Fully charge your device
  • Reboot in a safe mode
  • Do a factory reset on your smartphone
  • Visit repair center.

To Wrap Up

In this article, I have specified 7 possible solutions on how to fix horizontal lines on mobile screens.

According to my opinion, most of the glitches regarding vertical and horizontal lines on mobile screens are associated with hardware or software faults. Therefore, I’ve provided approaches for both hardware & software-related issues.

Last but not the least, I hope this post will surely help you resolve horizontal lines on Android phone screen.