9 Best PS2 Emulators For Android [2022]

Best PS2 Emulator for Android

PS2 (PlayStation 2) is one of the most successful gaming consoles of all time. It holds the Guinness World Records for the bestselling gaming console with over 160 million units sold till it is being discontinued.

But there are people who still love PS2 and its games and want to relive their good old days. So for those, now you can enjoy PS2 games on Android smartphones with PS2 Emulator for Android.

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[Best & Easy Guide] How To Fix A Hacked Android Phone?

fix a hacked Android phone

Android devices are considered to be safe to use as they come packed with loads of security features. So, even after having such good security features is hacking an Android phone possible? Well, yes. Doesn’t matter how many security features have added to your device, a hacker will somehow be going to find a loophole to break into your phone.

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[7 Quick Solutions] How To Fix Delayed Text Messages On Android

Fix Delayed Text Messages On Android

Are you getting delayed text messages from your friends, colleagues, or from family members?

Well, delayed text messages can be irritating when someone messages you and you receive it after a long time. In fact, you don’t know that the sender has sent you a message unless he/she calls you to respond to that SMS.

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[3 Ways] How To Read Deleted WhatsApp Messages Someone Sent You?

Read A Deleted WhatsApp Message Someone Sent You

WhatsApp is a popular instant messaging app widely used by millions of people around the world. It has recently added a new feature called “Delete for Everyone”. Using this feature, users can immediately the sent messages either to the wrong chat or when messages contain any mistakes.

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How To Wipe Android Phone When Locked In 5 Ways [Updated 2022]

How To Wipe Android Phone When Locked

You might come across such a situation where your phone gets locked accidentally and you cannot access the data stored on it. The most frustrating situation is without a factory reset, you cannot access the device.

Now this can happen when you forget the password or due to some other reason. One thing that is left with you is to delete your Android phone when it’s locked, but how?

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[Step-by-step Guide] Unblock Blocked WhatsApp Contacts Easily

How To Remove Blocked Contacts From Whatsapp

Does someone annoying you a lot in WhatsApp and you want to block him/her? Or you have blocked someone in WhatsApp and want to remove the contacts forever?

If your answer is Yes then it’s possible.

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[Guide]- How Do I Restore Keyboard On Android Phone?

Restore Keyboard On Android Phone

Stock keyboards on Android are great to use but people generally prefer some other third-party keyboards. It either is a matter of customization or want a new layout or something else. Users want to switch their old Android keyboard and want some attractive ones.

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10 Ways To Remove Junk Files And Empty Trash On Android

Remove Junk Files And Empty Trash On Android

Did you ever got irritated because your device is suffering from low storage? As the phone’s memory is full and you don’t know how to delete the data as some of them are important.

It may also happen that you are deleting the files but not getting much storage space to store new files.

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Top 20 Android 10 Bugs And Their Fixes

Top 20 Android 10 Bugs And Their Fixes

Android has come up with its new OS named as, Android 10 or Android Q. Since it is launched in October and has come out on all Pixel phones that range from gesture navigation to Pixel stand.

Now this update is going to give Pixel users some new way to access the Android 10 features by simply swiping on bottom white strip. There are lots of exciting features and enhancement in this new OS with some great issues as well.

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51 Best Offline Games For Android To Play Without Internet [2022]

Best Offline Games For Android

Android games have become so much rage in the last few years that it has left behind the gaming console popularity. And this is very much true because users just want to play games on their Android devices rather than using some other ways.

And this has made possible because of regular development of Android phones performance as the top game developers add games to Play Store from where users can easily download their favorite games.

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