7 Best Fixes for Instagram “Couldn’t Upload Try Again”

Instagram is a popular social platform that is used worldwide and due to high traffic, the apps tend to encounter various issues and errors. And one such error is Instagram “couldn’t upload try again” error.

This message pops up when there is any issue or interruption while uploading pictures or videos to the story. Today in this guide, we are going to discuss the various solutions to fix the error. So, start scrolling and follow the fixes mentioned to escape the error issue.

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How To Fix Instagram “Couldn’t Upload Try Again” Error?

Solution 1: Switch to a Stable Internet Connection

Remember, uploading a story to Instagram requires more than normal bandwidth. Hence, if you are connected to weak internet, you may encounter an Instagram story upload failed retry error.

Therefore, the first thing you need to ensure is to connect with stable internet.  If you are mobile data, check your internet speed through SpeedTest.

Instagram couldn't upload try again

In case found weak, try to switch to a reliable and strong Wi-Fi network.

Solution 2: Check the Instagram Server

Temporary maintenance processes or server outages can hinder you from uploading stories. Therefore, when such an error is encountered, ensure to check the Instagram server.

To check the server status, you can visit Downdetector or the official Instagram Twitter page. If found currently facing downtime, the best thing is to wait for its professionals to solve the issue from their end.

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Solution 3: Restart Instagram and Try Uploading Again

In some cases, the app glitch can also be the reason why you can’t upload video to Instagram. Here, giving the app a fresh restart can most probably fix the error and you are able to upload stories. This will eliminate the temporary files and data generated while using the app and might be causing the error.

Here’s what to do:

  • Go to the Instagram app icon on the Home screen.
  • Hold the icon and tap App info.
  • Click on the Force stop option and confirm the same.

can't upload video to Instagram

  • Now, restart your device.

can't upload video to Instagram

  • When turned on, relaunch the Instagram app and try uploading the story again to see if the problem is solved.

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Solution 4: Check the Upload File Size

Remember, Instagram doesn’t allow you to share videos or photos of larger sizes. So, it’s important to check the video file format and video size before uploading it to the Instagram story.

You must ensure that the video file should be in mp4 format and that its size should not more than 15 MB.

In case, you find the video size more than 15MB, minimize the video size before uploading it. For this purpose, you can make use of any reliable online video compressor.

Solution 5: Relog into Your Instagram Account

Sometimes, incorrect settings on your account may interfere and cause such an error. In such a case, log out from your Instagram account and login back again.

Here are the steps to be followed:

  • Open the Instagram
  • After that, tap on your Profile icon > Menu (3 vertical lines).
  • Then, go to Settings then scroll down and select the Log Out option.

an error occurred while uploading please try again Instagram

  • Hit the OK button to confirm a log-out process.
  • Now, wait for some time and login back again, and try uploading stories.

Instagram couldn't upload try again

Solution 6: Use the Updated Instagram App

If you are using an outdated version of the app, it might be possible that the error is triggered due to compatibility issues. Therefore, make sure you use the updated version of Instagram.

The updated version includes various latest features and bug patches that offer the app the ability to detect known issues and fix them.

Follow the steps below to update the app.

  • On the Play Store, tap the Profile icon.
  • Select the Manage apps & device.

Instagram story upload failed retry

  • Go to the Updates available section and check if the latest version is available.

Instagram story upload failed retry

  • If there, hit the Update button and wait for the app to download and install.

Instagram couldn't upload try again

Solution 7: Report the Problem

If the Instagram “try again later” error persists even after trying all the above solutions, it might be possible that your account has been flagged by Instagram due to any terms violation or the Instagram app itself is buggy.

So, in such a case, try contacting Instagram Help to get professional assistance.

Follow the step-by-step guide to know what you need to do:

  • In your Instagram profile, tap on a menu icon & choose Settings in order to access more options.


  • Now, from the option list choose Help which is followed by the Report a Problem.

Report a problem

  • At last, provide a brief description of the error you’re dealing with & hit Send Report option. (Please attach the screenshot of the error message).

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FAQs Related to Instagram “Couldn’t Upload Try Again”

Why does Instagram say upload failed try again?

Instagram failed to upload and says to try again later due to weak internet, server problem, buggy, and outdated app.

What to do when Instagram story stuck uploading?

If the story stuck on uploading, try removing and re-uploading a video file again. Before deleting the video files, make sure to save the video in any other place. If this error is the result of normal glitches then this time the video will be uploaded to your Instagram story.

Why your uploaded story removed?

Instagram has some terms and policies about the pictures or videos you upload. If your uploaded story has content that is violating Instagram policy or breaking its terms, Instagram will remove the story and doesn’t hesitate to ban or block your account.

Time to Sum Up

This article covers enough solutions to get you out of Instagram “couldn’t upload try again” error.

So, try the solutions mentioned step-by-step to escape the error and upload your stories. I hope we served you well through this article.

Further, if find any queries or doubts, reach us on Twitter to get answered.

Thanks for reading…!