Fixed: Instagram “Couldn’t Upload Try Again” Error [15 Ways]

Instagram is a famous social networking platform that allows its users to upload or share their photos & videos to their Instagram Story which is visible to their followers. These “Instagram Stories” remains for up to 15 seconds and disappear after 24 hours of posting.

But, at times users fail to upload videos to their Instagram stories. They started getting error messages like – “Instagram couldn’t upload try again” or “Instagram stories won’t upload” while uploading videos to their Instagram story.

If you are getting the same error then keep on reading this post. Here, I have stated the 15 best fixes to address this issue.

But before fixing this issue, let’s figure out the causes of the “couldn’t upload video Instagram story” error.

Why Does Instagram Say “Upload Failed Try Again”?

  1. A poor or unstable network connection can cause this error.
  2. The Instagram server is down (in rare cases).
  3. Instagram might have banned or blocked your account.
  4. The video you are sharing might be violating the terms and policies of Instagram.
  5. The video you are uploading might be is too large i.e more than 1MB.
  6. Instagram hasn’t supported the video file format.

Check out the above-listed causes and find which one creates problems to upload videos to the Instagram stories.

Now, let’s move on to troubleshoot this problem with some of the possible fixes.

How To Fix Instagram Couldn’t Upload Try Again Error On Android?

If you can’t upload videos to Instagram then start following the below-listed strategies one by one.

Fixes #1: Switch Network Connection

All social media apps including Instagram require a strong Internet connection to run properly.

Hence, if you are connected with a weak Wi-Fi network connection then you will not able to upload the video to your Instagram story.

In such a situation, I will suggest you switch to cellular mobile data. But if you are using mobile data then do vice-versa.

Fixes #2: Check if the Instagram Server is down

The next thing you need to consider is, whether the Instagram server is working fine or not. It might happen that, the Instagram server is down because of which you are getting this error.

If it is so then you can’t do anything rather than waiting. This kind of problem will solve itself.

To check the server status, you can visit a Downdetector. On this website, if you find that users are reporting about the server problems then relax! And wait for some time until the server issue is solved itself.

Fixes #3: Delete the Video & Re-Upload It Again

After several attempts, if you aren’t able to load video files to your Instagram story then try removing and re-uploading a video file again.

Before deleting the video files, make sure to save the video in any other place. If this error is the result of normal glitches then this time the video will be uploaded to your Instagram story.

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Fixes #4: Close the Instagram App & Restart it

As you know, closing and restarting the app not only refreshes the app but also clears the temporary files & memory use of an app. And I think, it’s enough to solve this bug.

Open your App Drawer then find out the Instagram application, & simply hit the X symbol located at the upper right corner of the app to exit from the app.

Fixes #5: Restart Your Mobile Phone

Restarting the device is one of the quickest and easiest ways to deal with all kinds of minor issues and glitches. This method has the capability to fix millions of issues and errors at a time.

Besides, restarting the phone will clear all the temporary files, cached app files, and the junk files stored in the memory. The process is very easy, keep pressing the Power button of the device until the menu appears on the screen. Then hit the Restart option and that’s it.

Restart the device

Fixes #6: Clear Cache & Data of Instagram App

Sometimes, a lot of cache files get accumulated in the Instagram app because of its continuous use. These cache files could often interrupt the app’s operation.

Therefore, clearing out the cache and data of the Instagram app can help you to fix the couldn’t upload video Instagram story error.

Head to your phone’s Settings then > Apps. Choose the Instagram app then hit Clear Cache and Clear Data option.

clear cache instagram

Fixes #7: Re-Login To Your Instagram Account

This is another helpful way to solve Instagram stories won’t upload errors. Hope, this strategy works.

Try out the below steps to know what you need to do:

  • Firstly, you need to open your Instagram
  • After that, make tap on your Profile icon > Menu (3 vertical lines).
  • Now, go to the Settings then scroll down to Log Out
  • Hit the OK button to confirm a log-out process.

Instagram couldn't upload try again

After signing out from your Instagram account, again log in by using your account credential.

Fixes #8: Use the Updated Instagram App

It might happen that, you are using the buggy and outdated version of the Instagram app that is resulted to the “Instagram stories won’t upload” error.

Hence, if the newer version of the Instagram app is released and you are still using the older version then you need to update the app quickly.

Here’s how to update the Instagram app:

  • Go to the Play Store app then > Hamburger Menu.
  • Choose My Apps & Games then tap on the Update option next to the Instagram.

Instagram couldn't upload try again

Fixes #9: Try Re-installing the Instagram App

It’s possible that the Instagram app you are using contains some issues or bugs because of which you’re getting a “Couldn’t Upload Try Again” Instagram error. Uninstalling & reinstalling the app could work for you.

How To Uninstall and Re-install the Instagram App:

Step 1: Visit your phone’s Settings app then > Apps or Applications.

Step 2: Find out the Instagram app from the app list and touch the Uninstall option to remove the app.

Step 3: Now, open the Play Store app then Download & Install the newer version of the app.

Instagram couldn't upload try again

Step 4: After doing so, open your Instagram app and again try to upload a video to your Instagram story.

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Fixes #10: App-Related Issues

Sometimes, there is an issue with the app itself resulting in Instagram stories won’t upload issue. Hence, if your Instagram app has some bugs or problems in it then try logging in with chrome or any web browser.

Fixes #11: Check the Video File Format and Size

Remember, Instagram doesn’t allow you to share videos or photos of larger sizes. So, it’s important to check the video file format and video size before uploading it to the Instagram story. So, you must ensure that the video file should be in mp4 format and its size should not be more than 15 MB.

Fixes #12: Decrease your video size

Before uploading the video file to your Instagram story, you need to ensure that your video size should be below or less than 15MB. In case, you find the video size more than 15MB then you need to minimize the video size before uploading it. For this purpose, you can make use of any online video compressor.

Fixes #13: Check the Instagram Policy

Instagram has some terms and policies about the pictures or videos you upload. If you are violating the Instagram policy or breaking its terms, Instagram will doesn’t hesitate to banned or block your account.

Fixes #14: Login with Another Device

Instagram couldn't upload try again

If you are not able to upload videos to your Instagram stories with your phone then I’ll suggest using your Instagram app on another device or PC.

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Fixes #15: Report the Problem

If all the above-listed strategies fail to work, then one and last option is left for you – Contact Instagram Support. Since Instagram is the ultimate social media app, they care for you. So, instead of giving up, you should try to contact the Instagram support team via Instagram Support.


Hence, I’ll recommend you submit a report to Instagram’s support team about the error bothering you.

Follow the step-by-step guide to know what you need to do:

  • In your Instagram profile, tap on a menu icon & choose Settings in order to access the more options.


  • Now, from the option list choose Help that is followed by the Report a Problem.

Report a problem

  • At last, provide a brief description of the error you’re dealing with & hit Send Report option. (Please attach the screenshot of the error message).

Time to Sum Up

This article covers the whole information regarding how to fix the “Couldn’t Upload Try Again” Instagram error.

Therefore, if you are unable to upload videos to your Instagram story then try out the afore-mentioned solutions to fix this issue.

I hope, these fixes are enough to solve the Instagram story upload failed retry error.

Thanks for reading…!