3 Quick and Easy Methods to Recover Deleted Videos from SD Card on Android (Updated)

Have you wiped away your important videos from SD card and now looking on how to recover deleted videos from SD card?

This kind of situation is not a new thing to occur but still people gets worried about their valuable data and they want them back.

When it comes to store our useful data such as videos, photos and other files apart from Android internal device then only one thing comes in mind and that is SD card. Android device have memory card slot for users so that storage space can increase and more data can get saved.

Though nowadays, some device are having so much space on internal memory that no memory card slot is provided for extra space. But this does not means that the trend of SD card has gone. Still several of the Android phones are supported by extra memory card slot where users can store their valuable data.

But what if your important videos gets deleted from SD card? How would you get them back? Don’t worry, read this blog completely and you will know some of the best ways to recover deleted videos from SD card on Android.

Let us go through one of the user example.

User experience:

Anyone has the suggestion on this? I deleted a couple of photos stored on SD card and i heard it’s highly possible get back them. Actually, I tried a few ‘so-called’ data recovery apps, none of them work. Do you guys have any recommendation on this? thanks in advance

Source: https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/how-to-recover-deleted-files-from-android-sd-card.853452/

Reasons for lost videos from SD card

Related imageSometime we assume that we lost our data due to accidental deletion but data gets lost due to many other reasons as well.

  • Improper Removal: Sometime due to ejecting or removing the SD card during the file transfer from your device can result to data loss.
  • Deletion: Accidental deletion is the common reason behind data loss. Deleting videos from SD card due to operation failure or by mistake is the main reason behind data loss.
  • SD card damage: Sometimes the SD card gets damaged and it shows error and the stored items like videos cannot be accessed.
  • Virus or Malware Attack: Malware or virus attack can also lead to data loss. If your SD card is infected by virus then it can infect the video files and can even delete the file. Generally viruses infect SD card during the file transfer or downloading video from internet.
  • Improper handling: regularly removing SD card from your device and using it on other electronic gadgets can also lead to video file deletion.

Is it possible to recover the deleted videos?

It’s a general thought that the deleted videos from Android SD card cannot be recovered again and you also think the same right?

But its not like that.

Breaking the silence the answer is “Yes”, you can easily recover the lost or deleted videos from your SD card.

We use android device to stay in touch with the world. It is trend to use android device. We use SD card for our device so that we can store our valuable data in it. But unintentionally deletion of files has a chance to get them back because the files are not deleted permanently.

Until and unless the deleted videos are not overwritten by a new file, you can easily restore the deleted videos.

To get the erased videos back, you should use a powerful recovery tool like Android Video Recovery that easily retrieves your missing videos from Android SD card.

Video formats supported on Android devices

Before you go to recover your deleted videos from Android phone, you should also know what the types of video formats available are right now and they can be easily played on Android devices.

The video formats are: MPEG-4, M4V, MKV, 3GPP, etc are some of the video formats that are easily played on Android devices.

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What to do when videos from SD card gets deleted

Yes, this topic need some attention because before proceeding to recover the lost videos from SD card, you should know the things that is important to do.

Here are few things that should be remembered and also essential for user.

  • After losing your data from SD card, stop using it further. This is because the videos or other data still remains in the SD card and using it continuously can overwrite the old data with new data.
  • Second thing, don’t try to format your SD card after you lose your data
  • Recover wiped away videos as soon as possible with the help of powerful recovery software.

How to recover deleted videos from SD card on Android?

Now it comes to go through the ways that can help you to restore the disappeared videos from SD card. Check out the ways properly and you will surely get back the erased videos from SD card on Android.

Method 1: Best Way to recover lost data from SD card

The easy and quick way to get back lost videos from SD card on Android phone is by using a professional recovery software like Android SD Card Recovery. This software helps you to recover deleted, lost, formatted videos from Android devices without removing your SD card.

By the help of this recovery software you can not only recover the deleted videos but you can also recover other stuffs from your device such as contacts, text message, call history, photos, calendar entry etc.

This powerful deeply scans your SD card and identifies the lost or deleted videos and then restores them in safe and secure place.


Note: It is recommended to download and use the software on your PC or laptop. It is because recovery of phone data on the phone itself is risky as you may end up losing all your data because of data overriding.

Steps to recover lost or deleted videos from SD card on Android Phone

Step 1: Connect your microSD card via Android phone or card reader

First, launch Android Data Recovery to computer and choose 'Data Recovery'


Now connect your SD card to computer. Two ways are there to connect your SD card: Using card reader or using your Android phone with it. Select the better way for you and then tap on 'Next' to proceed.


After your SD card is detected by program, you will get the below window. Then tap on 'Next' to continue


Step 2: Choose a scan mode to scan SD card

There are two scanning modes are available, first is 'Standard' and the second one is 'Advance'. When you fail to find what you want then try Advance Mode. With the use of Standard Mode, you can select only deleted files to scan or scan for all files on SD card. The other one that is suggested will help you to search more complete files.


Then choose a recovery mode you want to try and tap on 'Next' to start the scanning process of SD card


Step 3: Preview and Restore Data from your SD Card Selectively

It will scan your SD card and after the completion of scanning process, all the recoverable files will be displayed according to their categories. From the left sidebar, you can click on different data types to display the related files. You can check or un-check the files and then click 'Data Recovery' to start the data recovery process.


Method 2: Get back erased videos from SD card on Android via Backup

It is always recommended to create a backup of every important data in safe place. Apart from SD card, if you have stored those videos somewhere else like on Google Drive, computer, devices own cloud feature etc then there is chance to restore the missing videos from Android phone.

Method 3: Reinstall the driver

Many times your PC or laptop fails to recognize your SD card that you want to access the videos from and in such situation, you should reinstall the driver. This way there is a chance to get the videos back.

  • First, go to My Computer/This PC and right click it
  • Then go to Manage > Device Manager > Disk Drives
  • Now right click on name of drive
  • And then tap on OK

After following the step, disconnect SD card, restart your system and now again connect your card. This time your PC will recognize the SD card and you can access your videos stored on it.

Bonus tip: Few important things to remember to prevent video deletion in future

  • Avoid saving any further data on SD card after you come across data deletion on it. This might overwrite the old files
  • Always try to backup your important data or videos from SD card to other safe place
  • When your SD card does not work on device and on computer then make sure that your SD card is not good. Also check whether the write protection on SD card is enabled and if so then disable it.
  • Try to avoid using your SD card in unauthenticated place, also remember not to eject SD card improperly as chances are high of getting corrupted

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There are several users who face data loss situation from their SD card and whenever such things happens then it is important to get back those deleted videos.

With the help of powerful SD card recovery software, it is possible to rescue erased data from SD card.

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