How to transfer SMS from Android to Android

sms transfer to android

Transfer SMS & Messages from Android to New Phone Android in One Click

Phone to phone transfer is the professional transfer tool that let you transfer messages, pictures, audios, videos, contacts, call logs and apps from Android to Android in one click. Not only this it even let you transfer data among Android, iOS and Symbian, BlackBerry, Lumia and Nokia phones.

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How To Recover Lost Android Data Without Any Backup

Recover Lost Android Data Without Any Backup

Restore deleted data on an Android phone without backup

Here you have a wonderful and easy trick to retrieve your deleted or lost data including Photos/SMS/Contacts/Videos/Audios. This process just needs Android Data Recovery that let you recover data from any sort of data after accidental deletion, screen broken, operating system corruption and many more.

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Google Nexus 5 Data Recovery – Recover photos, sms, contacts!

Google Nexus 5 Data Recovery

Best Way to Recover Contacts/SMS/Media Files from Google Nexus 5

There are many reasons where you may lose your important data from your Google Nexus 5 like accidental deletion, virus infection, formatting, SD card corruption, improper use of phone, factory resetting etc. if you have a backup then you can get back those file but if you don’t have backup then use Android Data Recovery Tool. This tool can help you to recover deleted files such as videos, music, photos, audio, contacts, SMS text messages and more immediately.

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How to Recover Deleted Data from Samsung Galaxy A3/A5?

Samsung Galaxy A3 data recovery

Easily Recover Lost or Deleted Files from Samsung Galaxy A3/A5!

Data that are saved in your Samsung Galaxy A3/A5 may get deleted or lost due to various reasons. Those deleted data can be recovered from Samsung Galaxy A3/A5, from the stored backup. If you are not having any backup, then in such cases also Samsung Galaxy A3/A5 data recovery is possible with the assistance of Android Data Recovery Tool easily.

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4 Ways to Wipe Android Phone to Secure Your Privacy

Erase all the Data Permanently, Before Selling or Donating your Android phones

It is essential to erase all the data from the phone, if you have planned to sale or donate your android phone. By manually deleting the data or by performing factory reset, would temporarily delete the data, as there are 100% chance to recover the data.

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How to Recover Lost Data/Files from HTC One M8?

Easiest Way to recover lost or deleted data or files from HTC One M8, without any backup

The simplest way to recover lost or deleted data from HTC One M8, is with the help of Android Data Recovery Tool. With the help of this application, one can easily recover the deleted data that are lost due to formatting the device or deleting the data files manually. Most importantly, this application is very user friendly as you can recover lost, deleted or hidden files with few simple clicks.

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Google Nexus 6 Data Recovery- Recover Lost Files From Google Nexus 6

Google Nexus 6 Data Recovery

Google Nexus is a popular known for its smartphones and Google Nexus 6 is one of them. There are lots of users of this phone and if you have lost your essential content like photos, notes, contacts, etc from Google Nexus 6 smartphone then you have come to the right place. Here you will know about how to recover lost data from Google Nexus 6 using Google Nexus 6 Data Recovery. In addition, we will also see other possible methods to retrieve deleted files from the Nexus 6 phone.

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How to root your Android phone or tablet

root your Android phone or tablet

Do you have the desire to be a super user? If yes then Android rooting is going to make this possible for you but it is not going to take any warranty of it. So before rooting your Android you will need complete knowledge about its advantages as well as the dangers.

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How to Recover Deleted Data From Asus Transformer Tablet!

Recover Data from Asus Transformer Tablet

Proficient way to recover data from Asus Transformer Tablet, without any backup:

While using Asus Transformer Tablet if by any means you have bi mistakenly deleted any data or you have performed factory reset, and thus you lose all the data stored in it.

But do not worry, you can recover them with the help of Android data Recovery Tool. If you do not have the backup of lost data, you can easily recover them using this application tool.

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How to Play MKV on Android?

Android devices do decode of MKV very well and due to this many Android users are searching for some best MKV player app for their Android devices. It is well known that Android phone and tablets cannot play MKV files but there comes some occasion when there is a need of playing MKV format on your Android phones or tablets. Therefore many users are in search of some way by which they can play the MKV video files on their Android phone smoothly.

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