2 Simplest Ways to Recover Deleted Prisma Photos from Android Phone?

Retrieve Deleted Prisma Pictures

Prisma Photo Recovery Tool can help you to recover deleted Prisma photos. Try this below given tutorials to find and retrieve deleted Prisma pictures on your Android Phone.

  • Recover deleted Prisma photos from android phone
  • Recover contacts, messages, photos, call logs, etc.
  • Scan and preview files before starting the retrieval process.
  • It works great with any Android devices.
  • The tool is available for both Mac and Windows users
  • 100% safe to use.

About Prisma Android App:

Prisma is one of the most popular photo editing apps. This photo editing app is available for both Android and iPhone phone. It’s amazing art filters are the main reason why this application has gained such great popularity. After using the Prisma’s filters to turn your photos into perfect painting you may want them to post or to store them.

Recover Deleted Prisma Photos But sometime while using this app you may mistakenly delete some of your pictures by selecting wrong photos or by accidentally pressing on delete option. When this happens, where your deleted photos go? What happen to your accidentally deleted Prisma Photos? Want to know the answer of this question. Does it mean that you have no choice rather than re-editing the photos?

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Here, we are going to introduce you on how to recover deleted Prisma photos. Follow these simple tips to get back your Prisma photos on your Android phone. Read step-by-step tutorial to effectively retrieve pictures deleted in Prisma application on Android with an ease.

How Prisma App Works?

How Prisma App Works

Prisma actually uses texture network. That’s the reason it’s doesn’t just apply the chosen filter on image like other popular apps rather it takes the image and analyses it. This app uses the texture and style from famous artwork. The AI (artificial intelligence) program behind the Prisma uses two images to create a third image.


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Where, the first image is obviously the photo from user’s device and the second one would be the artistic style. It’s AI algorithm analyses the input image and intelligently applies texture and effects in this image to make great results in exported one. In this way, app generates the imagery from scratch like the blank canvas that’s the reason why the image created by Prisma looks like a real life painting.

What Are The Reasons For The Loss Of Prisma Photos?

Reasons For The Loss Of Prisma Photos

  • Uninstalling prisma app.
  • Accidental deletion of prisma photos.
  • Photo lost during factory resetting of your Android device.
  • Virus or malware attack.
  • If you are clicking photos even when the phone’s battery reached to lowest.

Well you may lose your memorable selfish, photos taken or captured by Prisma on your android device. And if have lost such beloved images particularly superb and delightful selfies with your friends, then what will be your next steps for the recovery?


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How To Recover Deleted Prisma Photos From Android Phone

Recover Deleted Prisma Photos From Android Phone

Method 1. Recover deleted photos from Prisma folder

When you will use Prisma app to edit your photos on your android phone it will create a folder named Prisma in the photo gallery. All your edited photos will be saved on this folder. Where you will find the deleted Prisma photos? So, if you have accidentally deleted your important Photos from Prisma application then directly go to “Gallery” > “Prisma” folder andlook for the required photos and restore them back. It free and easy choice to recover deleted Prisma photos. If you couldn’t find the deleted photos on Prisma folder by mistake then the only option left with you is to use Android Data Recovery Tool.

Tip: To guarantee high success rate of recovery to recover the deleted photos of Prisma, please do not use your device once the data loss happens.


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Method 2. Recover deleted Prisma photos with Android Data Recovery Software

If the above-given method doesn’t help you to recover deleted Prisma photos, then the last option left with you is to try third-party data recovery software to find deleted photos you need. Free download Android Data Recovery Software and scan your device to recover deleted Prisma photos. Try this Prisma Photo Recovery Tool:


Note: It is recommended to download and use the software on your PC or laptop. It is because recovery of phone data on the phone itself is risky as you may end up losing all your data because of data overriding.

Steps to Recover deleted Prisma Photos

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Final verdict:

After using the above given software to get back Prisma photos you can post them anywhere you want. Share them with your friends on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr directly from your computer or Android device. To avoid data loss situation in future we recommend you to have a complete backup of your phone data regularly.

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