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Erase all the Data Permanently, Before Selling or Donating your Android phones

It is essential to erase all the data from the phone, if you have planned to sale or donate your android phone. By manually deleting the data or by performing factory reset, would temporarily delete the data, as there are 100% chance to recover the data. So, with the help of Safe Eraser for Android, you can permanently delete the data. Once the data is deleted, it cannot be recovered by any means.

This application is also capable of:

  • Deletes Private Data and free up space
  • Erase all your personal details such as emails, text messages, contacts, photos, videos, etc. permanently.
  • Speeds up your device by cleaning the junk files.

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Sabastian Arik, Research Analyst, Somitech Sol.

1It cleaned my Android phone and at the same time the OS has been reset. Now, the android phone is ready to be reused safely! 4 stars

Before selling, donate or recycling your old android Smartphone it is necessary to wipe out all your private data, this will protect your privacy. In this article 4 ways to wipe data on your Android phone or tablet are given. Read them and apply one according to your convenience and keep your personal data safe despite of which hand it goes into.

Method 1: Simply Erase Data of Android Phone or Tablet
Method 2: Method 2: Apply Factory Reset to Erase Data on Your Android Phone or Tablet
Method 3: Method 3: Completely Wipe Android Phone or Tablet. Nothing Can Be Recovered
Method 4: Method 4: Remotely Wipe Android Phone or Tablet

Method 1: Simply Erase Android Phone or Tablet

Android devices are very easy to operate because of its open nature; so that one can easily delete contacts, photos, apps, messages, music, call logs, video and document files from their Android phone or tablet. To do this not any professional knowledge are required simply open the apps named as Contacts, Gallery, Logs, Messages(Messaging), Video, Music and more, find your unwanted files and delete them.

Pros: Simple to delete

1. Need lots of time
2. One can recover the deleted items


Method 2: Erase Data on Your Android Phone or Tablet by applying Factory Reset

This is very common way to get rid of old android data and settings. This method is probably used when one want to sell, donate or recycle your old Android device. Factory reset doesn’t remove all data from your Android phone or tablet. Those deleted data can be recovered by the any one through recovery tools.

To wipe Android data via factory reset apply the bellow given steps on your Android phone or tablet:

 Go to Settings > Reset > Factory data reset.

Note: It is necessary to create a backup of your android device before doing factory reset (it will keep your data safe and recoverable for further use).

Pros: It able to erase most of android device data.
1. It unable to wipe android data completely.
2. Recovery tools can easily recover deleted files


Method 3: Fully Wipe Android Phone or Tablet. Nothing Can Be Recovered

To wipe Android phone or tablet completely and permanently, the professional way is using a professional Android wiping tool. One can apply Safe Eraser for Android to erase all android data. Using this application, you can easily wipe off everything from your Android phone or tablet. And no one can recover the deleted items even with the assistance of any recovery application Tool. So that it is necessary to make a full backup or transfer data from your old Android phone or tablet to iPhone, iPad or iPod before wiping Android phone or tablet.

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Steps How To Permanently Delete Call History from Android Phones

Step 1 – First download and install Android Data Eraser on your system. Now click on Erase Private Data.


Step 2 – After this the software will automatically will analyze the device and begin to scan the data on device.


Step 3 – On the completion of scan, all the private data will be listed. Now just select the data you want to delete permanently and click on Erase Now button.


Step 4 – Now you will get pop-up where you have to type the word ‘Delete’ just to confirm the deletion and then click on Erase Now.


Step 5 – After the deletion is completed, the below window will appear.


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Pros: It easily wipe an Android phone or tablet. Nothing is recoverable.
Cons: Not free.

Method 4: Remotely Wipe Android Phone or Tablet

This method is very helpful for the device stolen situation, think that your Android phone or tablet should be stolen, and you want to protect your private data from the theft then you can delete the entire item remotely through this method.  There are lots of applications are available that provides you option to wipe Android phone or tablet remotely. But among them, Android Device Manager is one of the best app. This smart app is programmed by Google, which makes you able to wipe all data on your Android phone or tablet, reset lock screen password. This tool is also able to track down the location of your Android phone or tablet.7

Pros: Remotely wipe Android data
Cons: The deleted data might be susceptible to some recovery tool.

4 Ways to Wipe Android Phone to Secure Your Privacy