How To Fix "Screen Overlay Detected" Error On Android

Are you getting irritated just because you are coming across an annoying error “Screen Overlay Detected” on your Android phone during sharing media files?

Or getting such error at the time of installing any new apps on Android device?

Screen Overlay Detected error is one of the irritating issue that Android users face. You cannot believe that this error is so much frustrating that users even feel to throw their device.

Now, you don’t have to get worry as in this blog, I will give you some best methods to fix “Screen Overlay detected” error on Android.

About ‘Screen Overlay Detected’ error

Generally, this error occurs to Marshmallow users, which stops any apps to open or run. This is one kind of painful situation where users don’t know what to do.

Now see what the actual problem is. Android has come up with its new feature named as “Draw over other apps” in Android OS (Marshmallow & Nougat). In this, users can draw over other apps and it means that those apps will show info on top of other apps.

Its basically used for social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. But the problem is that whenever any new apps is installed then some user may come across “Screen Overlay Detected” screen. The reason behind is “Draw over other apps” is enabled on the background and is running.

According to Android, this is an extra security step to prevent from harmful apps that you might install mistakenly on your phone from Google play store.

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Reasons behind “Screen overlay detected” error

Its already been mentioned that the error occurs due to the new feature on Android. It occurs while running a floating app and especially seen in new installed apps because they needs access rights.

Some common apps that come under floating apps includes Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Twilight, Clean master etc.

You should also know that it affects on particular Smartphone’s like Samsung and Motorola, Xiaomi, Google Pixel, Vivo, Lenovo etc.

Now, after you have come to know the reasons behind, its time to know how to fix this error from Android, right?

Don’t worry, read further and get the best fixes for the error.

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Best methods to fix ‘screen overlay detected’ on Android

Here are listed some of the best and unique fixes for the error mentioned above. Go through them and get rid of the error without any hassle.

Method 1: Find out apps

The very first thing you should do is to find those apps that have the permission to draw over screen. Follow the below steps to know about it (not for Samsung user)

  • First, open Settings > click on “Apps
  • Click on gear icon and select “Draw over other apps
  • Here you will see the list of apps that has draw over other apps permission
  • Now go to those apps and uncheck “Permit drawing over other apps
  • This same settings can be again repeated to enable permissions for some apps

For Samsung users:

  • Go to Settings > click on “Applications
  • Here from the list, click on “Application Manager” and after that click on “More
  • Now you will get the list of apps that appear on top. If it is not there then click on “Special access” from same menu and you will get it
  • List of apps will be seen where you can disable the particular apps using overlay and changing them to left

Method 2: Check the apps permission

Check the list of apps that have permissions to use floating buttons. Here you have to recognize the app that is showing problem and deny its permission to draw over screen.

Some of the tips to identify the apps, which are creating problem:

  • If you see any app bubble on Android screen then it can be the cause for the error. Now its up to you wither you disable the app or hide the app bubble.
  • If you have installed Clean Master app then it can be the problem for you. Better will be to disable it soon
  • The apps which changes its color on display, it can be the problem for the error

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Method 3: Use safe mode

This is yet another method that can help you to solve error on your Android phone. Safe mode works effectively in solving all sorts of issues. Follow the below steps:

  • First, note down the app creating problem and then press Power button
  • Now press and hold “Power off” option
  • Hold it for 4-5 seconds and you can see another popup saying to enable “Safe Mode

  • Tap on ‘OK’ and your device will reboot in safe mode
  • After turning on your phone, move to Settings > Apps
  • Find the app that is having screen overlay problem and tap on it
  • Now on app page, tap on “Permissions

  • Here in the permission page, enable the entire permissions that the apps asked

  • At last, after doing all these things, reboot your device

Method 4: Reinstall app again

Another thing that you should to fix the issue is by reinstalling the apps again and this time, you should request permission without “Screen overlay detected” in between.

This is also for Samsung users as they can also come across this problem. So it will be better for them to deactivate it. Simply move to Settings > Advanced features > One-handed operation


Method 5: Install Button Unlocker

You will also get some apps that can handle the situation better. But it will be always good to follow the manual solution first and if not resolved then move to this method.

Button Unlocker is a third party app that unlocks the install button, which is locked because of screen overlay error. Follow the steps to proceed further:

  • Download Button Unlocker from Google play store
  • Now install the app and then launch it
  • After this, click on top to Activate

  • Now from Accessibility Screen, click on ‘Install Button Unlocker’ and then enable it
  • Furthermore, enable ‘Permit Drawing over other apps

Its finished now. Try to open the app causing error on your Android phone and check if the problem is still exists.

So, all these are some of the ways that can help you to fix screen overlay detected error.

Apart from this, there are few things that you should know related to screen overlay detected problem. You should know some of the apps that creates problem for you. Those apps include:

  • Clean Master
  • UC Browser
  • DU Speed Booster
  • Xender
  • 360 Security
  • EX Explorer

Al all these apps can create problem on your phone and so if you are having any of this app installed then it will be better to uninstall those apps.

In between applying all these methods, if you face any kind of data loss situation then with the help of Android Data Recovery software, you can recover all erased data. This is one of the best and most recommended software by experts. It can recover any lost data and in any data loss situation.


The ‘Screen Overlay Detected’ error occurs to many Android users and its really a frustrating one especially for those who wants to install any new update. Whatever I have discussed in this blog to fix the error, I am sure it will help you.

Whenever you want, you can go back to settings and allow the apps to use screen overlay. No matter, if you encounter this kind of problem then this blog will surely help you.

Further, you can visit our Facebook, Twitter and G+ page and if you have, any questions then you can ASK HERE

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How To Fix “Screen Overlay Detected” Error On Android
How To Fix "Screen Overlay Detected" Error On Android
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