4 Tricks to Fix Android Package Installer Not Working

Android package installer on your device allows installation, uninstallation, or upgradation of the apps. But recently users are reporting that the Android package installer not working problem. So, if you are one of the users facing the same issue, try fixing it by clearing the package installer cache, rebooting your device, or reinstalling the package installer. However, go through this guide completely to know more workable fixes to resolve the issue.

Well, because of such a problem, users won’t be able to update, install or uninstall any of their device’s apps. Therefore, the problem needs to be resolved firsthand. So, here we are with this article that will provide you with enough working solutions to escape the issue.

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How Android Package Installer Works?

Well, the Package installer is a powerful software component using which users can install apps from sources other than the Play Store. This allows the developers to edit their app’s format to ease its readability for your Android device.

The Package installer extracts the zip file that includes different extensions and moves them in their required location on your Android phone.

Why Does the Android Package Installer Not Working?

  • Android’s internal issues- The device’s internal bugs can be responsible for occurring such a problem. Therefore, try rebooting your device once to fix the issue when such a case is found.
  • Outdated Android Software- If running on an older version of Android software, you can face such an issue. As older versions, with time started causing various problems and conflicts with the apps. So, here it is suggested to use the latest software to avoid facing such a problem.
  • Corrupt installation of Package installer- Another reason that triggers such an issue on your Android device is the corrupt installation of the Package installer. Therefore, here try dealing with the situation by reinstalling the Package installer freshly.
  • Overloaded Package installer cache- If the Package installer has accumulated too many caches, it can trouble you causing such an issue. So, if you haven’t cleared your cache for a long time, try clearing them to escape the problem.

Video Guide- Android Package Installer Keeps Stopping

How to Fix Android Package Installer Not Working?

Solution 1: Reboot Your Device

If your Android device is currently facing any internal problems. It might be responsible for this problem. Therefore, the first thing we suggest here is to restart your Android phone once. Restarting your device will start it afresh and solve the temporary issues prevailing on the device.

Follow the instructions below to reboot your Android device:

  • Long press or hold the Power button on the side of your Android phone.
  • Next, tap the Restart option on the Power menu.

how to fix Android package installer not working

  • Now, wait for your device to restart.
  • Once rebooted, check for the issue is solved or not.

Solution 2: Force Stop the Package Installer

It’s possible that the Package installer is currently facing issues and which is why not working. Therefore, after rebooting your device, we suggest you force-stop the Package installer to fix the package installer not working on Android.

For this, follow the instructed steps below:

  • Launch the Settings application on your Android phone.
  • Next, scroll down and select Apps.

package installer not working on Android

  • On the next screen, tap the three-dotted icon at the top-right corner.
  • Click on the System.
  • Navigate and select the Package installer.

package installer not working on Android

  • Tap Force stop option and click on Force stop again to confirm.

package installer not working on Android

Once done, reboot your device once to allow the Package installer to start automatically again in the background.

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Solution 3: Clear the Package Installer Cache

As said earlier, overloaded Package installer cache data is another major reason why the Android package installer fails to work. Also, it has been found that with time, the caches get corrupted and start conflicting with the operation of the app or software. Therefore, it is suggested to clear the cache timely to avoid facing such a problem.

Here are steps to clear the Package installer cache and data:

  • Open the Settings application on your Android phone.
  • Next, navigate and choose Apps.

package installer not working on Android

  • On the next screen, click on the three vertical dots at the top-right side.
  • Select the option System.
  • Then, scroll down and choose the Package installer.

package installer not working on Android

  • Now, click the Storage option and tap on the Clear data & Clear cache options one after another.

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Solution 4: Install the Android’s Latest Software

Using an older version of the software can also be responsible for such issues. As older versions, with time start conflicting with the installed software and affecting their working.  Therefore, ensure you are using the latest Android software. If not, follow the instructions below to install the latest update.

  • Launch Settings on your Android phone.
  • Next, scroll down and head to the Software update option.

how to fix Android package installer not working

  • On the next screen, you’ll find the available latest version.
  • If available, click the Download Now button to install the update.

Android package installer fails to work

  • Now, wait until the update downloads.

Once done, your device will automatically restart and installs the latest software.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why does the Package installer not installing apps?

If too many apps are running in the background, they may conflict with the Package installer and restricts it from installing apps. Therefore, close all the running backgrounds apps and try installing apps using the Package installer.

How to fix Package Installer has stopped?

If your Package installer has stopped working, try rebooting your device. Because most of the time it stopped because of internal issues on your device which can be solved by giving it a fresh restart. But. In case it doesn’t work, try clearing the Package installer cache.

How to stop Package Installer notifications?

Well, you receive notifications from the Package installer only when there is an update available for any app. So, in case, you are getting such notifications, update the app to which the update is available. There is no other way to stop the notifications.

What Are the Benefits of Android Package Installers?

The Package Installer is an essential part of Android’s operating system. It allows the installation, uninstallation, and update of the application on Android devices. It is easy-to-use and reliable software that downloads the applications easily on your device.


Well, when such an issue occurs users find difficulty installing, uninstalling, or upgrading the applications on their Android devices. But, with this article, you can easily be able to deal with the Android Package installer not working problem.

I hope, the covered fixes will help you resolve the issue. In case of any related queries and doubts regarding the article or the covered topic, feel free to contact us on our official Twitter page.