7 Easy Ways To Fix Apex Legends Mobile Error Code 3 on Android

Getting the Apex Legends Mobile error code 3 message on Android at the time of launching the game?

Well, don’t worry because with the help of this blog you can easily deal with this error code. This blog covers all the possible causes responsible for this error and the solutions to tackle such problems.

Generally, this error comes with a short message “failed to join server” which restricts the gamers from launching the game. However such game errors might at times becomes so much annoying as they won’t allow the users to play the game. So it must be resolved firsthand.

But before going for any troubleshooting methods, you must know about the factors that most cause this error as it adds an extra advantage to apply the best solution out of various to resolve the problem in no time.

What Causes Error Code 3 on Apex Legends Mobile?

There can be multiple reasons for this error which restricts the users to launch the game successfully on Android. Some of the causes are listed below:

  • Unstable internet connection– If you are not having a stable internet connection then it might pop up this error message. So make sure you have a strong and stable internet connection to avoid such errors.
  • Apex Legends Mobile server outage– If the Apex Legends Mobile server is having downtime or outage then this error occurs. As it is an internal server issue so you just have to wait for the servers to resolve its issues.
  • Unnecessary Apex Legends app cache data– Unnecessary cache data of the app might be the reason for this error. So, try clearing the cache data to avoid such an error.
  • VPN connection– If you are using the free VPN connection then mostly it connects you to the restricted game locations which siege you from launching the game giving such error messages. Or if you are playing in allowed locations but still using VPN then it might be possible that your VPN starts conflicting causing such an error.
  • Running an outdated version of Apex Legend– Using an outdated version might show you this error message. So, try to update the outdated app to the latest version if any is available.

Now, that you are aware of the causes behind Apex Legends Mobile failed to connect error code 3 on Android, let’s proceed toward potential solutions.

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How Do I Fix Apex Legends Mobile Error Code 3 on Android?

Solution 1: Check the Status of the Apex Legends Mobile Server

Sometimes, you encounter such games error due to the app’s internal server issue. So if you are encountering Apex Legends Mobile failed to connect error code 3 on Android, then try checking the server status first before moving forward to any other fixes.

How do I fix apex legends mobile error code 3 on Android

If the server is going through downtime or outage, there is nothing you can do from your side instead of waiting for the server to get finish its issues.

Solution 2: Check Internet Connection on Your Device

If you are unable to launch the game then the best solution is to first check your device’s internet connection. You must have a strong and stable data connection so as to play the game without any interruptions.

You can test your speed using speed testing applications such as Speedtest. This will show you downloading and uploading speed and average latency for the used connection. If the downloading speed is unstable or you have higher ping, then try switching to a different connection such as Wi-Fi.


And if you are already connected through Wi-Fi, then make sure to get your mobile closer to the router.

Solution 3: Clear the Apex Legends Mobile Cache Data

It has been reported in forums by the majority of players that most of the time clearing app’s cache data resolved this issue. So on being encountered with such an error try clearing the Apex Legends cache data.

You can clear cache data on an Android by following the below-mentioned steps-

  • Long press on the Apex Legends Mobile app.
  • Select the button.
  • Go to the Storage.
  • Now, tap on Clear Data and then Clear Cache.

Solution 4: Switch To A Different VPN

Sometimes using a free VPN might cause this error, so always try to use a good VPN if you are playing from a restricted or unsupported location. If this is the case with you then the only solution is to play the game by changing your country/server using any good VPN.

Fix Apex legends mobile error code 3 on Android

Although if you are not sure which VPN you should use to play this game then check out our guide on top Android VPN apps.

Solution 5: Avoid Using VPN While Playing From Supported Region

If applying the entire above solutions still restricts you from launching the game, then it might be because you are unnecessarily using VPN in the supported region. Using VPN in allowed locations is of no use as it might conflict with the game app by sieging it from launching.

So, it’s better to avoid using VPNs in supported locations. You just simply disable the VPN connection and check whether the problem persists or not.

Solution 6: Downloading The Official And Latest Apex Legends Version

If you are using the outdated or unofficial version of the app then it might trigger this error. So, try updating your app to the official and latest version to fix Apex legends mobile error code 3 on Android.

You can find the updates on Play Store. Just visit Play Store and check if any updates available for the app. Then Update the app if prompted.

Update Apex Legends

Solution 7: Re-installing The App

If none of the above solutions fixes the problem then try re-installing the Apex Legends Mobile app. As most of the time, it has been found that re-installation solves the issue.


Apex Legends Mobile errors have always been so much irritating and exhausting to players as it prohibits them from playing the game. Such errors need to be resolved firsthand.

So, here in this blog, a bundle of solutions is covered for you to get past Apex Legends Mobile error code 3 on Android. Try those above-mentioned fixes and resolve your problem in no time.

I hope you find this blog useful and the solution guided in it solves your problem by letting you play the game smoothly as before. If in case of any queries or doubts related to the blog you can comment on Twitter or Facebook.