How To Fix Android Black Screen Of Death [Tried & Tested Ways]

One of the most popular issues that most Android users are encountering is – the Android Black Screen Of Death Error. Well, this is not the first time, when users are facing issues with the Android phone screen.

There are several Android screen issues that keep bothering the users, such as the blue screen of death, the white screen of death, the unresponsive touch screen, the purple screen on the phone, etc.

But out of all these issues, the black screen is the most troublesome problem. So, if you are also facing the same issue on your Android phone, then here are some ways to get rid of it. Simply, read and follow the effective solutions to fix the black screen issue on Android.

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Symptoms of Black Screen Of Death on Android Devices

Many times, users get confused between the black screen on Android and Android phones won’t turn on issue. So, it is important to find out whether your Android phone has a black screen issue or not.

Here are the symptoms that will help you to confirm the black screen of death error on Android:

  • The light of the phone will keep on blinking but it will not respond.
  • You will notice that your phone starts to freeze/hang more frequently.
  • The phone will start to crash/reboot automatically and it will start to consume more battery power.
  • You will also notice that your phone starts to behave strangely and restarts on its own.
  • After some time the phone will automatically increase the number of random reboots and freezes.

So, these are some symptoms that will tell your phone is having the above problems and if you do not fix it, then the phone will become dead and finally, you will lose data stored on it and that you would not like to lose your important data saved on your Android devices.

What Causes the Black Screen of Death on Android Phone?

There are multiple reasons that cause the Android Black screen of death error. Here are the most likely ones that may lead you to this issue:

  • If there is a critical system error
  • When you install the incompatible apps on your phone
  • If the LCD connectors are lose
  • When you left your phone on the charge for a long time
  • Due to corrupted cache files
  • Or, if the phone is exposed to the extreme heat

So, what you can do to fix the Android black screen of death problems and access data stored within the phone. Well as I said you can follow the few solutions that will help you to fix the above issues.

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Effective Solutions To Fix Android Black Screen Of Death Error

Fortunately, there are several possible steps that you can follow by yourself and can easily fix the Android Black Screen of Death issue. Follow these solutions and get this error fixed.

Solution 1: Best Way to Fix Black Screen on Android

When the Android phone’s screen turns black, it is likely to be an issue with your system. In this case, most users perform a factory reset to resolve the problem which is actually a good approach to this problem.

But doing this is not necessarily the only option. Besides, it won’t work if your system is suffering from any critical error. Hence, the best way to deal with this issue is using the Android Repair Tool.

This tool is specialized to fix the black screen on Android devices. Besides this problem, you can fix many other Android system issues, such as the phone is not charging, low battery issues, apps keep crashing, update stuck/failure problems, phone stuck in the boot loop, and many others.

So, don’t waste any further time. Download this tool > go to the user guide > and follow the instructions guide to fix the black screen problem on the Android phone without losing any data.


Note: It is recommended to download and use the software on your PC or laptop only.

Solution 2: Check & Clean the Phone

To fix this black screen problem on your phone, you need to make sure that the ports and buttons of the device are not stuck and are clean. 

  • Check the Charging Port – Make sure there is no dust in the charging port. If it is blocked by debris or dust, you won’t be able to charge the phone normally and end up with a black screen. To remove the dust, gently blow inside the port or use the sharp-pointed object to remove anything stuck in the port. After doing this, plug the charger into your phone and charge it for 10 minutes. Now, restart your phone.
  • Check the Power Button – Make sure the power button of your Android phone is not stuck and there is no dust. Also, press & release the Power button several times.

Solution 3: Remove and Re-Insert The Battery

If you have a phone with a removable battery then removing and reinserting the battery can fix the issue. Remove the back cover of your phone and remove the battery and re-insert it after 25-30 seconds.

Make sure that the metal parts of the battery get connected and touch properly and the phone is getting power. After this charge your battery and leave it for a few hours. Now, check whether the black screen issue got resolved or not.

Solution 4: Remove the SIM and SD Card

fix Android has black screen issue

Sometimes, SD cards have compatibility issues and hence it creates problems. Remove the SD card from your device and restart your device. If this does not work then remove the SIM card as well and restart your device.

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Solution 5: Recharge Your Android Phone

This method is recommended by some of the users who tried this trick to fix the Android phone screen is black issue.

Now, let the phone drain completely and shut it down automatically. Then, put your phone on the charge. Once the phone battery is fully charged, restart your phone.

Now, check whether the black screen is gone or not. If the phone screen is still turning black, move to the next solution.

Solution 6: Force Restart Your Android Phone

Another solution to fix the Android black screen of death problem is to force restart your phone. Doing this will fix the minor system glitch that might be causing this issue on your phone.

To do this, turn off your phone, then press and hold the Power + Volume Down buttons until you see the Android logo on the screen.

Solution 7: Disable/Uninstall Apps

Maybe your phone has an app that is infected, has a bug, or is incompatible with your device and that is creating problems. If you have recently installed an app on your phone and then all this mess started happening, then remove that app.

Android black screen of death

Or, if you are not sure which third-party app is causing the issue, then rebooting the phone in safe mode can help you to find the problematic app. Here is how to do this:

  • Switch OFF your phone and then again switch it ON.
  • When your device displays the logo while restarting, press and hold the Volume down button until the lock screen shows up.
  • Safe mode will be displayed at the lower-left corner of the phone’s screen.

Once you enter into safe mode, check if you are still getting the black screen on your Android phone. If not, then one of the third-party apps must be causing the problem. Find out that app and uninstall it to resolve the peroblem.

Solution 8: Clear Cache of Android Phone

As I mentioned in the reasons, cache files may cause the black screen on Android phones, make sure to clear it out. Doing this will delete the temporary files and free the resources that can resolve the problem. To do that:

  • Open the phone Settings.
  • Go to the About Phone.
  • Select the Storage option.

black screen in Android phone

  • Tap on the Cached Data.
  • On the Clear Cached Data prompt, tap on the OK button.

clear cache data

Solution 9: Perform Hardware Factory Reset

If none of the above options helps you to fix “Black Screen of Death” error, then the last option left with you is to perform a hard factory reset on your Android device.

Note: Performing this process will erase all the data stored on your device’s internal memory. So, keep the backup of your phone data. Also, remove your SD card while performing the hard factory reset process.

Here is how to perform a hard factory reset:

  • Press and hold Volume Up button + Power button and Home button altogether to boot the phone in recovery mode.
  • Once you enter into recovery mode, go to the wipe data/factory reset option using the Volume button. Press the Power button to start the hard factory reset process.

factory reset

  • Once the factory reset process is finished, restart your phone.

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Precautions to Take To Avoid Black Screen Of Death

Below, you can find some of the useful tips that you must follow to avoid Android Black Screen of Death problem:

  • Always install apps from trusted sources and avoid the installation of apps from untrusted sources.
  • You must keep a security app on your device to protect your phone from viruses.
  • Always take a backup of your phone data at regular intervals.
  • Always keep your Android OS updated and installed apps up-to-date.
  • Never leave your phone connected to the charger for a longer period of time after full charge
  • If your battery is not working properly then replace it.


So, the above-given solutions on how to fix the Android black screen issue are the best ways to deal with this issue. Try these fixes one by one until you fix the problem.

Or, if you are looking for an instant solution to this issue without losing any data, then go for the Android Repair Tool. No matter which Android phone model you are using, this tool can fix this error on your device.

Lastly, I hope with the help of this guide, you managed to fix the black screen on your Android phone. If you still have any queries regarding this problem, then feel free to ask us on Facebook or Twitter.