[Fixed]: “Android Black Screen Of Death” Issue

Today, there are more number of Android phone users out there than Windows & iOS in the mobile world. But, it is also a real fact that not a single Android smartphone is free from any kind of problems.

And among them one of the most popular issues that most of the Android users are encountering is – “Android Black Screen Of Death”. Beside this, users are also facing blue screen of death, white screen of death, sudden death of screen and blank screen of death issues.

If you are also Android user facing the same black screen of death error on your phone and that you want to fix, then simply read and follow the instruction mentioned below in the Effective Solutions To Fix Android Black Screen Of Death.

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Android Black Screen Of Death Real Example


I have this tablet for 3 months and already happened 3 times.

The Tablet goes in a kinda deep sleep freeze, It won’t charge, turn on, reset (volume up + power button), or give any life sign.

It just stay the same solid black screen.

After some time I link it to the charger, try the power button and it’s back to life.

I already saw a lot of people reporting the same problem on Android 4.2, but still no solution.

Does anyone knows what’s going on? Or have a solution for this?

Thank you for any suggestion.

– Original Post from Android Central Forums

Yes there are few things that one can follow to fix this problem. But how one will come to know that their Android device is having black screen of death?

Well, below find out some of the common symptoms that will help you to recognize that your Android smart phone is having black screen of death.

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Symptoms of Black Screen Of Death

  • The light of the phone will keep on blinking but it will not respond.
  • You will notice that your phone start to freeze/hang more frequently.
  • The phone will start to crash/reboot automatically and it will start to consume more battery power.
  • You will also notice that your phone start to behave strangely and restarts on its own.
  • After some time the phone will automatically increase the number of random reboots and freezes.

So, these are some symptoms that will tell your phone is having above problems and if you do not fix it, then phone will become dead and finally you will lose data stored on it and that you would not like to lose your important data saved on your Android devices.

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So, what you can do to fix Android black, white, sudden, blue screen of death problems and access data stored within the phone. Well as I said you can follow the few solutions that will help you to fix the above issues. But before that it is also important that you must first recover data from your Android device with the help of Android Data Extraction (Damage Device) before you proceed further to fix black screen of death error.

Recovering Data from Android Device That Display “Black Screen Of Death” Error

It is a real truth that if a person is dead then there is no option through which you can get information from his mind. But if your Android device gets dead, damaged broken or if it throw any types of error messages, stopping you from accessing data stored within it, then you can use Android Data Extraction Recovery that is designed to restore data from black/blue/white/sudden screen of death, broken, damaged, crashed, virus infected Android devices. The software supports more than Android 2000 phones and tablets.


To find out step by step guide on how to recover data from black screen of death Android device: Click Here

Once, you recover and save your data from your Black screen of death Android devices. You are now safe to follow the some of the effective solutions to fix Android “black screen of death” issue.

Effective Solutions To Fix Android Black Screen Of Death

Fortunately, there are several possible steps that you can follow by yourself and can easily fix Android Black Screen of Death issue. The same steps can be followed for fixing other Android problems such as white, blue and blank screen of death.

Follow the one solution first and test if the problem is solved or not. If problem is not solved only then proceed to next solutions.

Solution #1 – Remove and Re-Insert The Battery


Remove the back cover of your phone and remove the battery and re-insert it after 25-30 seconds and make sure that the metal parts of the battery get connected and touching properly and phone is getting power. After this charge your battery and leave it for few hours.

Solution #2 – Remove the SIM and SD Card


Sometimes SD card have compatibility issues and hence it creates problem. Remove the SD card from your device and restart your device. If this does not work then remove SIM card as well and restart your device.

Solution #3 – Disable Dark Screen Mode


If you are able to access your phone, then check whether your phone Dark Screen feature is turned OFF or not, if not then turn it OFF. Here how to do this:

  • Go to Setting>Accessibility>Vision>Dark Screen
  • If it is enabled, then simply disable it

Solution #4 – Disable/Uninstall Apps


May be your phone has app that is infected or have bug that is creating problem. To check, boot your Android device into Safe Mode. Here, how to do this:

  • Switch OFF your phone and then again switch it ON
  • When your device displays the logo while restarting, press and hold the Volume down button until the lock screen shows up.
  • Safe mode will displayed at the lower left corner on the phone’s screen.

Once you enter into safe mode. Select and uninstall the apps that is creating problems.

Solution #5 – Perform Hardware Factory Reset


If none of the above option helps you to fix “Black Screen of Death” error, then the last option left with you is to perform hard factory reset on your Android device.

Note that performing this process will erase all the data stored on your device internal memory. Also remove your SD card while performing hard factory reset process.

Here how to perform hard factory reset:

  • Press and hold Volume Up button + Power button and Home button altogether to boot the phone in recovery mode.
  • Once you enter into recovery mode, select the factory reset/wipe data using volume button. Press Power button to start the hard factory reset process.

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Precautions to Take To Avoid Black Screen Of Death

Below, you can find some of the useful tips that you must follow to avoid Android Black/White/Blank/Sudden/Blue Screen of Death problems:

  • Always install apps from trusted sources and avoid installation of apps from un-trusted sources.
  • You must keep a security app on your device to protect your phone from viruses.
  • Always take backup of your phone data at regular interval.
  • Always keep your Android OS updated and installed apps up-to-date.
  • Never leave your phone connected to charger for longer period of time after full charge
  • If your battery is not working properly then replace it.
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