Fix ‘Unfortunately, My Files has stopped’ Message on Android

Summary: If you are encountering the error message “Unfortunately, My Files Has Stopped” on Android including those from Samsung phone. Don’t worry! This page will guide you through the solutions to on how to fix Unfortunately, My Files Has Stopped error message on Android.

Let us start with practical scenarios:

How do I fix the error – ‘Unfortunately My Files has stopped’ on my Galaxy Tab 4?

If it is stopped, how can I restart it. please help. I’ve tried powering off and on. error appears when I try to access downloaded apps

– Original post from Android Central

Another Practical Scenario:

Unfortunately My Files Has Stopped Working message

samsung j2 file manager is not work

– Original Post From Samsung Community

Let me tell you that My files app on your Android device is very much important as it is used to browse the file system of Android and without it you will not be able to see your files. Particularly those in the background such as app folders and so on.

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Reasons: Why am I Getting This ‘Unfortunately, My Files has stopped’ Error?

Mainly this error occurs when a system associated with a specific system or app on your device becomes corrupted, unresponsive and crashes. When this happen, then it built up a cache or something else and it must be cleared before the app start to crash and throw my files stopped error message.

This problem may also occurs due to incomplete download files.

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Solutions To Fix Unfortunately My Files Has Stopped Error on Android

In order to troubleshoot and to get rid of “Unfortunately, My Files Has Stopped” on Android, then simply follow the following solutions as mentioned in the order below:

Solution 1: Clear Cache and Clear Data of My Files App

  • On your phone go to Settings and then Apps or Application. On some devices you have to go to Application Manager.
  • Go to All Application tab and look for My Files and tap on it.
  • Now go ahead and Clear Cache and Clear Data.

Finally, go back to Home Screen and reboot your device. Now crashing of my files should stop and you will now not see the error message unfortunately, my files has stopped.

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Solution 2: Reset App Preferences

  • Open Settings again on your phone and go to Apps or Application Manager.
  • Tap on three dots.
  • From the option select, Reset App preferences. Read the message and when you are ready Reset

Solution 3: Turn OFF Notification For My Files App

  • Open Settings again on your phone and go to Apps or Application Manager.
  • Go to All Application tab and look for My Files and tap on it.
  • Now go ahead and turn off or stop notification of My Files app.

Solution 4: Force Stop My Files App

  • Open Settings on your phone and go to Apps or Application Manager.
  • Go to All Application tab and look for My Files and tap on it.
  • Now go ahead tap on Force Stop and reboot your phone.

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Solution 5: Clear Data of Download Manager

Go to Settings > Storage > Application storage > All apps > Download Manager > Clear Data of Download Manager.

Solution 6: Wipe Cache Partition From Recovery Mode

Boot into Recovery mode on your phone as shown here in method 5. Remember the key combination may differ from device to device, but generally in most of the devices holding the following the key combination work when your device is off Power button + Volume Up + Home Button.

Once you enter into recovery mode select the option Clear cache partition. Don’t worry, it will not delete the data stored within your device.

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Solution 7: Factory Reset Your Android Device

If none of the above solution work for you, then factory reset your device. This is the only option left for you. But do remember performing factory reset will wipe out all data from the device. But do not worry, simply Backup & Restore data to PC first and then factory reset your device.

Here how to factory reset Android device:

Perform Factory Reset

  • Open Settings menu on your Android device.
  • Scroll down to “Backup & Reset” option.
  • Hit on “Factory Reset“. Now you will find the on-screen instructions. Follow it to reset your phone.

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Note: If you have not backed up Android data before performing Android data and lost your valuable photos, videos, contacts, whatsapp messages and other data then try Android Data Recovery tool – it is designed to recover erased data from Android after factory reset.

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I hope your problem of unfortunately, my files has stopped error on Android has now been fixed for you. So, guys please take some time to share this article. And do not forget to use Android Data Recovery tool, if you lose any type of data on your device while troubleshooting my files has stopped error by following any solutions mentioned in the article.