How to Remove Bypass Hack Disable Android Lock Screen PIN Pattern Password or Fingerprints

Summary: In this particular post I am going to provide several ways through which you can easily unlock/remove/bypass/hack/disable screen lock PIN, Pattern, Password or Fingerprints on Android. Just read the post till the end and follow the solutions and steps.

It is a good to protect our Android device, in order to avoid unauthorized access.

The easiest way to protect our Android is to lock its screen. Android mobile devices come with built-in security that allow users to lock their phone’s screen with PIN, password, pattern or fingerprint lock.

But in most of the cases things just go opposite. What if you forget the password, PIN, pattern or fingerprint lock? You will not be able to access your phone and data stored within it.

But, you do not need to get worried about it. There are various ways through which you can easily remove Android lock screen password, PIN, fingerprint or pattern lock.

One of the appropriate and perfect solutions to disable/remove locked screen of Android is to use Android Lock Screen Removal software. With the help of this software, one can:

  • Remove/disable/bypass/unlock locked Android screen in just few minutes.
  • Disable/unlock 4 types of screen lock – PIN, Pattern, Passwords and Fingerprints.
  • 3 easy steps to remove Android lock screen without data loss.
  • 100% read only program. Safe, secure & easy to use.

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Let us Take Real User Example

I forgot my lock pattern, how can I get into my phone?

I forgot my lock pattern and drew the wrong pattern for 35 times on my android one(Micromax Canvas A1) running on lollipop 5.1.1.My device didn’t ask for google account info.So I couldn’t unlock my phone though I knew my Google ID and password.Please help instantly.Please!Or else can someone help me by illustrating all possible patterns using the first 2(column wise)ie dots 1,2,4,5,7,8.I beg you please.I don’t want to lose any data and don’t want to root or factory reset.Please

                                                          – Original Post From Android Central Forums

As stated above, Android offer several ways to lock its screen to protect device and data from unauthorized person.

But if you are looking for effective solution on how to get rid of locked android screen, then there is also a several ways to crack/unlock locked Android screen.

How can I disable the screen lock on my Samsung Galaxy?

There are ways by which you can disable your Samsung Galaxy screen lock. Its easy process but you should know the complete process to disable screen lock. Follow the below steps:

  • First, touch the apps section. This is done so that you can remove any screen lock on Samsung Galaxy S4 or other devices of Samsung
  • Now go to Settings
  • After that, click on My Device
  • Then click on Lock screen
  • Now touch Screen lock
  • Here you have to enter your password
  • Then click on Continue
  • At last, touch None
  • Now the screen lock has turned off completely

How to turn off security PIN?

Well, when it comes to screen security then it is either set by you or by the device administrator (app). Therefore, you can turn off the security PIN, password, and pattern or fingerprint easily. For that you have to go to Settings > Security > Screen security.

How can remove apps from my Lock screen?

Many users want to know how to remove apps from lock screen. Well for this also, there are some steps, which you have to follow, and they are:

  • First, go to Settings
  • Then scroll down and go to device section
  • Now click on Lock screen
  • After that, select lock screen shortcuts
  • Here you have to click on the icon you wish to change a shortcut for
  • Then select applications and after that the apps
  • At last, indicate the app you want to make shortcut

Consequences of Forgetting Lock Screen PIN/Password/Pattern/Fingerprint Lock on Android

When you forget the password, PIN or pattern lock of your Android device, you will not be able to bypass and access your phone as well as files stored within the device.

But this is not permanent.

However, many users think that forgetting password, pattern, PIN will not allow them to access their phone forever. They think that all data stored within the phone are now gone permanently.

But this is not the case!

There are lots of methods through which one can breach or bypass lock screen, but all these methods are not effective for all Android devices that are available in the market these days.

However, it is also not an impossible to break or crack into a locked device. What’s the key, is to follow solution one by one and that require little bit efforts and you are through.

8 Solution to Unlock/Bypass/Hack/Disable/Remove Screen Lock PIN, Pattern, Password or Fingerprints on Android

So without any delay, below find out some ways on how to bypass/remove/unlock/disable Android lock screen.

Note: All below mentioned solutions work differently on different Android devices. But it work for most of the Android phones and tablets such as Samsung, HTC, LG, Panasonic, Gionee, Google phones, Xiaomi, Motorola, Sony, Vivo, Lava. Micromax, Lenovo, Oppo, etc.

Solution 1: Use Android Lock Screen Removal Software (Recommended)

Android Lock Screen Removal is one of the most popular and suitable Android phone screen unlocking software that effectively removes the screen lock from Android devices.

This phone unlocking software allows you to bypass Pattern lock, PINs lock, Password lock and Fingerprint lock. It is legal, safe and secure method to unlock screen lock on Android phones/tablets. It remove/disable screen lock without data loss on Android.

The process is very easy and simple and within few steps you can remove screen lock and access your phone and its data.

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Steps to Unlock/Bypass/Hack/Remove Android Screen Lock PIN, Pattern, Password or Fingerprints

Step 1 - Connect your Android phone to Computer

Step 1 – First install and launch Android Screen Removal and click on Unlock option.

Now connect your Android device to your computer with the help of USB cable.

Step 2 - Select device model

The recovery package for different phone models is different, therefore it is very important that you must select the correct phone model. In the list, you can find all the supported device models.

Next type 'confirm' to make sure that you have selected the right phone model of the device that you want to unlock.

Step 3 - Enter into Download Mode

To get Android device into Download Mode, follow the below mentioned instruction:

  • Switch OFF the phone.
  • Press Power button + Home button and Volume Down button all together at the same time.
  • Now finally press Volume Up button to enter into Download Mode.

Step 4 - Download Recovery Package

Once you enter into download mode, it will start to download the recovery package. Just wait for download to get complete.

Step 5 – Remove Android Device Screen Lock Without Losing Data

Once the downloading of recovery package completes, the Android Screen Removal will proceed further to remove the screen lock. This process will not delete any data saved within the phone. Once this process gets completed, you can then access your Android phone and it will not ask you to enter any type of passcodes such as PIN, pattern, password or fingerprint.

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Solution 2: Unlock Android Screen Password with Google Account/ Forgot Pattern Feature

This option is available by default on Android devices and hence you can unlock your phone with using Google account or forgot pattern feature.

Note: This will work only when you signed up with Google account before when your phone actually gets locked.

Below find out the steps:

Step 1: After a few failed attempts, you will get a pop-up message saying “Try again in 30 sec. You have 5 tries left”. Below the message, you will see the option that display “Forgot Pattern” on the lower corner of your lock screen. Tap on Forgot Pattern.

Unlock Android Screen Password with Google Account

Step 2:  Now you have to enter your Google account details. Simply enter your Gmail ID and password that you have used to set up your Android device. After this Google will send an email with the new pattern lock.

Bypass Android Screen Password with Google Account

Step 3: You can now open mail and reset pattern lock.

Note: This solution requires internet access to reset your pattern lock or else you will not be able to log-in to your Google Account.

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Solution 3: Remove Android Lock With Android Device Manager (ADM)

Using Android Device Manager unlocking service is another solution that you can follow to bypass or remove locked screen on Android phones & tablets. This work great on newer version of Android OS and the process is very simple and easy.

Note: This solution will work, if you are logged into Google account. And from any device you can access its service.

Below find out the steps:

Step 1: Log into to Android Device Manager with same Gmail ID and password that you have used to set up your Android device.

Step 2:  Once, your device gets connected, you can click on “Lock” button. If your device is not connected then try few attempts to make the connection with ADM.

Unlock Android Screen Password with Google Account

Step 3: When you click on Lock button, a new window will get open and it will ask you a new password to replace the current PIN, pattern or password.

Bypass Android Lock With Android Device Manager

Step 4: Type new password and on confirm type it once again.

This will help you to change the password in just few minutes of time and you can use the new password to unlock the locked screen of your device.

Note: The process may require some attempts and it may fail if it is not compatible. It will not work if your phone is switched OFF or offline.

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Solution 4: Disable Android Lock With Samsung’s “Find My Mobile” Service

If you are Samsung users, then this is one of the most effective solutions that you must follow to unlock forgotten password, PIN, Fingerprint or pattern lock.

Note: For this you have to login into your Samsung account.

Below find out the steps:

Step 1: Log in to your Samsung Account.

Step 2: Click on “Lock my screen” option that is located on the left side.

Step 3: Now enter a new PIN and click on Lock button placed at the bottom.

Disable Android Lock With Samsung's Find My Mobile Service

Within a minute or two, this will change the existing PIN with the new PIN that you have just entered, which you can use it to unlock your device without Google account.

This service work amazingly for Samsung devices such as S2, S3, S4, S5, S6, S7, S8 and so on. The steps are easy and simple.

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Solution 5: Reset Your Phone to Factory Settings

If you are unable to unlock lock screen by using Android Device Manager, Google Account/Forgot Pattern or Samsung “Find My Mobile” (for Samsung users), then you can always use Android Screen removal software mentioned above.

However, you can also hard reset your phone to factory restore to get rid of locked screen problem. For this you have to enter into Recovery Mode.

Note: Performing Hard Factory Reset will wipe/erase all data stored within the phone. Also you have to find the correct key sequence to perform hard reset, because different phones have different specific sequence. So, it is better, you find the right key sequence for your Android device.

Below find out how to hard factory reset Android device (we have taken Samsung Galaxy phone as an example):

Step 1: Switch OFF your phone. Press and hold volume up, home, and power buttons at the same time to enter into Recovery Mode.

Step 2: The Android bootloader menu will open. Select the “Recovery mode” and press the power button to enter into recovery mode.


Step 3: Once you enter into Recovery Mode, use volume down button to select ‘Wipe data/factory reset‘ option, and select it.


Step 4: Now reboot your device.

Note: Once you perform factory reset, your data get erased, but you can still apply Android Data Recovery software to restore data after factory reset.

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Solution 6: Boot Phone in Safe Mode to Remove Lock Screen

It is one of the very easy and quick ways to get rid of lock screen. But it is effective if the lock screen is a third party app and not the stock lock.

Below find out how to do this:

Press Power OFF button and boot into safe mode by clicking on “OK”.


Doing this will temporarily disable the lock screen, that was locked by third party apps. It will clear the data or uninstall the lock screen app and get back out of safe mode by rebooting.

Note: This is only effective to bypass lock screen that was locked using third party app lock screen and not the stock lock.

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Solution 7: Using ADB to Delete Password File

This will work only, if you have already enabled USB debugging before your phone was actually got locked. Also you have to connect your Phone to PC and allow your PC to connect via ADB.

Command prompt is then get launched in the ADB installation directory. Now type this command attribute: adb shell rm /data/system/gesture.key and hit ENTER as it is shown in the image below:


Next, reboot your phone and the locked screen will be gone. This is temporary and hence you must immediately set a new password, PIN, pattern or Fingerprint lock before any further reboot take place.

Note: This is very effective method to unlock locked device but it will only work, if USB debugging is already enabled on the phone.

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Solution 8: Crash The Lock Screen UI

This solution includes the crashing of the lock screen UI in order to access other features of the interface so that you can bypass locked screen.

Note: This solution work only on device running on Android 5.0 – 5.11.

So, in order to crash lock screen UI, follow the below steps:

Tap on emergency button once and then type 10 asterisks through the dialer.

Copy the same and paste the asterisk on the same dialer pad again and again until and unless it stop to show paste option.


Next return to the lock screen and then tap on Camera shortcut icon and then tap on setting option.

This asks you to enter password, but you have to repeat the same thing here. Just long press and just keep on repeating the process.


The time will come and it will crash the lock screen and hence you will be able to access the rest of the phone’s interface.

Now you can set the new lock screen password of the phone.

Note: This is very easy method and you do not need any third party app or services. This work only for devices running on Android 5.0-5.11. And it is not the correct method to disable lock screen.

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Well, there are several ways that you have learn to unlock/bypass/hack/disable lock screen on Android devices. It completely depends on which services, applications or tool best serves the purpose to you for bypassing the lock screen on Android.

If you ask my opinion, then I would recommend solution 1, 2, 3 for all Android and solution 4 for Samsung users.

If you have found this article useful and helpful, then please do not forget to share it.

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