How To Enable USB Debugging On Android With Broken/Black Screen (3 Ways)

Android users generally want to transfer their data from phone to computer as a backup. But to successfully transfer data between devices, you need to enable USB debugging so that both Android phones and computers can connect to access data.

There is no such way to connect your phone to PC and can access all folders and files without enabling the USB debugging option. Therefore, it’s necessary to enable this option between devices.

Now, if your phone is broken or its screen is black then how to turn on USB debugging on device? How to access the data and retrieve them from the Android black screen?

If the same situation is with you and looking at how to enable USB debugging on Android black screen then this is the right place. Here I will show you a few ways on how to enable USB debugging on Android with broken screen and recover data from it.

How To Enable USB Debugging On Android With Broken Screen?

Apply the below methods to enable USB debugging broken screen on Android phone successfully.

Method 1: Enable USB Debugging On Android Black/Broken Screen Using OTG Cable And Mouse

When your touch screen is black or not working then you can take help from USB OTG and a mouse to enable usb debugging without screen and control the phone.

Generally, USB OTG is also referred to as USB On-The-Go that helps to connect any device like USB drive, mouse, keyboard, etc. to a smartphone via USB Type C or micro USB port.

But also remember that many smartphones do not support OTG technology, therefore before you proceed further, kindly check whether your device is compatible with it or not.

After that, follow the below steps to enable USB debugging on Android with a black screen:

Step 1: First, connect your phone with a mouse and with OTG adapter

If you have a controller then you can use it as well because there are several users who have connected Xbox/PS3/PS4 USB wired controller to their phone and have enabled USB debugging successfully.

Step 2: Now, click on the mouse to unlock phone and then turn on USB debugging on Settings

Step 3: After that, connect your black screen Android phone to PC and it will identify your phone as an external memory.

Step 4: Next, open files and folders of the phone on the computer and then copy the data like photos, videos, contacts, etc. that you want

If you want to recover data from Android without USB debugging, then click here.

Method 2: How To Enable USB Debugging In Broken Phone Using ADB Command?

If you might know that Android has a powerful tool popularly known as SDK and within SDK, a tool named as ADB command. It enables you to connect your device through USB and helps to enable USB debugging without touching the screen.

This process requires good computer knowledge. Here are the steps for how to enable USB debugging on Android with black screen:

  • As you know that USB debugging is turned off on phone, therefore your phone has to enter ClockworkMod recovery. You can do this by pressing and holding Power + Home + Volume Up buttons together.

  • After ClockworkMod recovery loads, run “ADB devices” in command prompts

  • Then, you can use the below command:

adb pull/data/media/clockworkmod/backup~/Desktop/Android-up

Note– If you don’t have good computer knowledge, then it’s better not to try this method. This step is a risky one for how to turn on USB debugging with a broken/black screen. Small mistakes can totally damage your phone so avoid this kind of damage.

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Method 3: How To Recover Data From Android With Black/Broken Screen?

When your phone screen becomes black then the most important thing is the data stored on it. How to get back data from Android phone with black/broken/locked screen?

Don’t worry, with the use of Android Data Recovery, now it’s possible to recover data from Android with a black screen and without enabling USB debugging. This software is just amazing as it extracts data from black or broken Android phone.

Whatever data you want, they all can recover like photos, videos, WhatsApp messages, music, contacts, and others. This software allows you to access all essential files from a broken or black screen.

It not only restores data from damaged or broken/black phone but recovers data when they have been deleted accidentally formatted virus attack, or due to any other reason.

Follow the user guide to recover data from Android with a black screen without enabling USB debugging.


Note: It is recommended to download and use the software on your PC or laptop. It is because recovery of phone data on the phone itself is risky as you may end up losing all your data because of data overriding.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

What do I do if USB Debugging is not enabled?

Here are the steps to enable USB debugging when it’s not enabled: Once your phone is connected to PC via USB cable, you should try to select default mode as an internet connection. After that, go to Settings > Connectivity > Default Mode > PC software. After that, enable USB debugging mode under Applications > Development > USB Debugging.

How do I fix a black screen on my Android?

There are different ways that can help you to fix black screen on Android phone. Follow the steps as mentioned:

  • Remove and Re-Insert The Battery
  • Remove the SIM and SD Card
  • Disable Dark Screen Mode
  • Disable/Uninstall Apps
  • Perform Hardware Factory Reset

How do I enable ADB on my Android with a broken screen?

Here are the steps to set up ADB on Android with broken screen:

  • First, open Settings on the phone and then go to About phone
  • Then, click on Build number seven times
  • Now, go back and choose Developer Options
  • Next, move down and check Android debugging under Debugging
  • After that, plug your device into the computer
  • At last, open up terminal/command prompt on the computer and the type ADB devices

How do I unlock my Android phone with a black screen?

When your phone screen becomes black and it's locked, then it's not easy to unlock the device. Here are the steps to unlock an Android phone with a black screen:

  • First, download Android Unlock software and then click on Unlock
  • Then select Device Model as per your phone
  • After that, enter your phone into Download Mode
  • Now, download the recovery package for your phone
  • At last, remove lock screen on Android without data loss


So here it comes to the end of this blog and I hope that it will help you to deal with how to turn on USB debugging with a broken/black screen situation.

Whatever ways discussed in this blog will definitely help to enable USB debugging on Android with a black screen.

If you want to recover data from the black screen on Android then you should use Android Data Recovery software that works effectively without enabling USB debugging broken screen.